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Go ahead of the rest of occupation standard of chloric alkaline soda ash pace

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Arrive from Chinese oil and chemical association understanding yesterday, chemical industry will drive clean production with recommending the form of sexual standard first, raise resource utilization rate, decrease or avoid “ 3 useless ” arise. Among them, " clean production level is chloric alkaline industry (caustic soda) " , " clean production level is chloric alkaline industry (polyvinyl chloride) " and " industry of soda ash of clean production level " 3 standards had begun an authorized strength, predict to will be finished at the end of the year.
Soda ash and chloric alkaline it is the large family of specific power consumption in chemical industry, the problem of “ bottleneck ” that at the same time 3 useless ” administer “ to already also became an industry to develop, affect the market competition ability of the product directly, , zhou Xianhui of petrifaction association deputy secretary-general points out, although at present chloric alkaline industry has begun to popularize tail gas of chloric ethylene rectify to reclaim,fluid closed circuit answers the Qing Dynasty on broken bits of technology, calcium carbide to be used integratedly with broken bits of craft, calcium carbide circularly make the “ such as cement 3 useless ” administer a technology, soda ash industry also is adopting relevant section to be able to fall ceaselessly bad news measure, but if continue,“ is polluted first, the old road of ” is administered after, the unit increases value specific power consumption to reduce 20 % during 915 ” of the very will difficult “ that finish, main contaminant is discharged reduce 10 % , 1000 keys bad news can the enterprise is energy-saving the target of coal of 100 million tons of standards.
Suffer environmental protection ministries and commissions to hold in the palm, academy of science of environment of petrifaction association, China together, begin to begin to weave from 2006 chloric alkaline produce a standard with the cleanness of soda ash industry. The standard gave out the index of 3 class technology of clean production level: One class produces advanced standard on behalf of international cleanness; 2 class produce advanced standard on behalf of domestic cleanness; 3 class produce basic standard on behalf of domestic cleanness.
These mark brigadier act on the thought of whole process pollution prevention, the industry technology with current foundation, equipment and level of management and the general demand that cleanness produces will weave. The sources of energy of the manufacturing technology to the product and equipment requirement, resource uses mark brigadier general index of generation of index, product index, contaminant, trash reclaims use index and environmental management to raise all-around requirement, each chooses manufacturing process and product processing link from raw material boost clean production in the round.

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