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Jiangsu installs state report to change will build produce per year 20 thousand

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The Jiangsu that install is located in the Huaihe River installs state report to change limited company to use rich chlorine resource, preparative investment builds 20000 tons 260 million yuan / year unit of annulus oxygen chloric propane, the expert expresses, this produces chloric propane of oxygen of end Jiangsu annulus blank history. This project already saved the evaluation that environmental engineering referral center organizes through Jiangsu at the beginning of this year, whole project will spread out in the round on May 18, predicting next year will build go into operation in June. Annulus oxygen chloric propane is a kind of serious organic industrial chemicals and product of careful chemical industry, use is very extensive, home basically is used at preparation epoxy resin, at present market of chloric propane of oxygen of our country annulus is in short supply, product of chloric propane of homebred annulus oxygen can satisfy the 50 % left and right sides that home consumes only. The report that bring country changes the public project facilities such as limited company water, report, steam all ready, enough rich surplus is used for this device, and substantial chlorine natural resources more make its have feasibility. An Bang is to master market trends in time, on the base that has market research deep, after be being compared what have much plan repeatedly, decision-making construction of this one project. According to expert introduction, at present home only Qilushi changes 30000 tons / year, Tianjin chemical industry 28000 tons / year, Ba Ling petrifaction 24000 tons / year chloric propane of 3 ringer oxygen, the price of exorbitant to stablizing home annulus oxygen chloric propane after An Bangjian becomes this unit has positive effect.

As we have learned, this device uses home's at present mature advanced technology to manufacture a technology, implementation device moves smoothly reliably, assure product quality thereby; Reclaim adequately to effective resource use, reduce contaminant eduction amount as far as possible; All liquid waste emit into sewage disposal establishment to undertake be handlinged effectively entirely, waste gas emits into tail gas to put empty system centrally entirely, won't produce pollution to the environment. After project building, the report that bring country is changed will year add receive 400 million yuan, profit tax 100 million yuan, form chloric alkaline, chlorine, chloric propylene, annulus oxygen chloric propane (or chloric propylene) the product produces chain, implementation machines the change that refines treatment to essence of life from fundamental raw material. Will enhance the market to suit the ability, ability that achieve effect and fight risk ability, lay next solid foundations for long-term development.

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