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Jiangsu does not have stannum is one of areas that at present company of equipment of chemical industry of domestic civilian battalion centers most. The characteristic that highlights without industry of equipment of stannic chemical industry is an enterprise breed of much, product is all ready. Without stannum company of equipment of civilian battalion chemical industry depends on its distinctive management ruse, already established the competitive advantage that has oneself stage by stage. In September the last ten-day of a month, the reporter covered a such industries in area of the lakeside that do not have stannum -- , factory of filling of chemical industry of the Xue Lang that do not have stannum, its major produces chemical tower implement all sorts of indispensible filling, can offer filling equipment technology, have the dimensions of 100 much people only, develop through 20 years, already became the company of this industry come first on the list however. The reporter understands, build a plant from 1985 up to now, this enterprise specializes in chemical tower implement filling and equipment, and be good at a technology innovate, be in at present chemical tower implement filling and device sphere are bright already have challenger. At the beginning of competitive actual strength comes from factory of professional snow billow to found, direction is uncertain, had made furniture, had repaired Agricultural Machinery and Implement, also had produced equipment of a few chemical industry, because do not have oneself particular technology advantage, fail to form competitive advantage and actual strength all the time. An accidental opportunity, let enterprise of this civilian battalion search allowed to develop way, and be on this road go faster more. Go up century 80 time metaphase, through cooperating with technology of academy of Shanghai chemical industry, offer a tower by academy of Shanghai chemical industry implement filling theory supports, snow billow factory emphasizes particularly on the technology in producing a course tackles key problem, very fast filling of ripple of the SW that this factory production gives the market to be badly in need of mesh, fill home is blank. Via Shanghai and appraisal of Jiangsu province expert, this filling is had pressure fall small, flux big, efficiency is advanced characteristic, with photograph of other and congener product compares efficiency on the market at that time can raise a few times. This technology is obtained in those days progress of national science and technology is second-class award, factory director Zhu Xialin also obtains national patent letter for the first time. Can say, academy of Shanghai chemical industry led snow billow plant chemical filling industry. From this later, this factory had specific development target: Professional production is looked at ordinary the chemical filling that has the market very much however. Depend on the academic technology with distinctive academy of Shanghai chemical industry to support just about, snow billow factory arrives from select material preparation craft, did not take roundabout way basically. And those who make experience of Factory director Zhu Xialin the deepest is, civilian battalion small company is doing poineering work earlier, only dedicated at a domain, ' eats Xian Tao rather readily, do not eat sodden apricot one basket ' , just do likely do greatly strong. If say major lets snow billow factory search,development power comes from innovation followed direction, stand firm calcaneal, so these year of this factory can work steadily ground advances ceaselessly, what basically lean still is innovation. In management concept of Zhu Xialin, the technology is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. He thinks, the enterprise discovers technical inadequacy in oneself management process and can innovate somewhat, it is extremely commendable, it is can be perfected and improve product quality, 2 it is to be able to promote staff technology the standard. So, this factory all along the problem on not evasive technology. On technical innovation, snow billow factory has a marked characteristic, mix efficiency into this recognizant consciousness to blend in namely among them. Zhu Xialin has a famous remark: Factory director ' also must listen to cost. ' he thinks, civilian battalion enterprise and state-owend enterprise are the most apparent the understanding that differring is pair of cost. At present although civilian battalion enterprise is casting financing and respect of policy sex discrimination to be improved somewhat, but still manage inferior position position. Can live and expand the civilian battalion business that rise, reducing the suffering on cost to make great efforts without. 2000 around, zhu Xialin is in Jiangsu red in relief city some chemical plant understands, the filling tower that produces ethylbenzene drives cost on the high side, detached efficiency is low, the reason is being connected at segregator of the disk type inside tower body lead fully low, horary treating capacity has 4 only. 25 tons, did not reach 6 tons processing level, its reason is a tower mural shedding fails to get using. The course analyses research, zhu Xialin thinks, tower wall flows and the circuit filling of wall relying on a tower can be used completely, when because the liquid is suitable tower wall is mean, as it happens is the passageway with a smooth fluctuation, was equivalent to raising area of tower body passageway. For this, he put forward himself transform a proposal, distributing disk type implement transform distributing for tray implement, transform treating capacity of tower of the filling after finishing to rise hourly 7. 8 tons, manufacturing efficiency raised 1 times almost, reduced manufacturing cost greatly. The tower that pesticide enterprise equips implement, because depart,medium reason forms what pledge to stainless steel material extremely easily to corrode, and halftone cannot solve the common steel wire that uses before to corrode a problem. Expert proposal, convert pure titanium material can be reduced corrode degree, use pure titanium however on the high side of cost of material. This factory is determined to think method solves this one problem. The course tackles key problem, below the circumstance that still does not have precedent in the world will titanium board helps a network, halftone of every square metre produced cost to reduce 500 yuan, with one action captures cost closes. Make the case of on the high side of the power consumption when argon is enraged in the light of board type tower, research of pains of continuous heavy rain of bright red summer is old, in Hangzhou plant of the engine that make oxygen cooperates to reach Huadongli to be versed in help of a few designing institutes issues university and former Chemical Industry Department, tower of air depart filling is deep cold technology is able to come out. This technology replaces board type tower with filling tower, accomplish make argon without hydrogen, decreased to make hydrogen craft and store hydric storeroom, also reduced insecure segment, the enterprise produces cost to reduce one chunk. Current, this technology is used extensively at steely enterprise, can reduce power consumption 12 % of 8 % ~ , achieve air depart to make the international standard that takes the chemical gas technology such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, farther establish technology of equipment of filling of chemical industry of snow billow mill in the market competition ability. 2003 countrywide methanol works on the conference, read out of continuous heavy rain of bright red summer a paper, introduced the new technology that snow billow factory already won patent, apply ' 3 towers ' (beforehand tower, pressurization tower and atmospheric tower) in the methanol production of flow craft, wastage of every tons of vapour but from 2 what use conventional technology. 4 tons fall 1 ton. Zhu Xialin thinks, if countrywide methanol produces device to use this patent technology, manufacturing cost can reduce several yuan. After the many methanol plant such as plant of methanol of Heilongjiang chemical plant, Daqing uses this technology, cost all is reduced substantially. 2004, lu day changes plan mount a horse project of methanol of 400 thousand tons of class, after project expert group passes contrast of other to this technology and home technology to prove, inside the tower that uses Zhu Xialin to invent certainly patent technology. Current, the patent technology that Zhu Xialin invents already amounted to 11, all with the tower implement chemical filling and equipment are concerned, adoption company pervades the whole nation such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Sichuan a lot of province, make its improved manufacturing efficiency greatly, reduced manufacturing cost. Aspire makes industry faucet too the small plant of this civilian battalion on lakefront, already became domestic tower nowadays implement one of companies that filling and device sphere have competition ability most. Recumbent and ceaseless perfect technical innovation ability, factory of snow billow filling already made industry well-known company. Be in at present home, the enterprise of product of factory of use snow billow already amounted to many 1000, some enterprises had used the filling product of snow billow factory on 24 suit buy, get satisfactory result. Additional, the chemical filling product that the enterprise of much home abroad such as company of American York international already also imported factory of use snow billow. The reporter is using the enterprise of a few chemical industry of product of snow billow factory to understand, after product of factory of use snow billow, production moves to be achieved design a requirement more than even. Limited company of Shandong allied chemical industry produces per year alcohol of 50 thousand tons of couplet to install park August 2001 put into production, its methanol rectify beforehand the mesh ripple that tower, pressurization tower and atmospheric tower all use snow billow plant is neat filling and tray type collect redistribution implement, move through 4 years many, product quality is stable, energy-saving effect is good, ton mellow vapour is used up from 1. 5 tons fall 0. 96 tons, super grade is tasted rate achieve 99 % above; Jiangsu salt city always forest after limited company of paint chemical industry produces per year tower of rectify of 30 thousand tons of fatty acid to use the mesh filling of Xue Lang factory, drive to succeed, chroma of main product oleic acid achieves class A, ton product vapour is used up reduce 30 % ; Hangzhou makes the much home company such as oxygen engine plant tell a reporter, the index of filling product specifications of snow billow factory and foreign product comparative, quality is reliable, can save a large number of foreign currency for the country. Although product of filling of chemical industry of snow billow mill had acquired very large market share, and by countrywide tower implement the committee of experts awards ' China the tower implement title of ' of product of brand a list of names posted up, but Zhu Xialin thinks, potential of ordinary chemical filling market is very great still, because enter,enter a doorsill at the same time not tall, compete also will more and more intense. Be based on this, snow billow factory will continue base oneself upon is professional, innovate ceaselessly, strive to make this trade be worthy of the name get the person that run.

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