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Win in administrative layer to amount to in start a brand

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Editor's note Zhejiang " super- with " the group collapses overnight, after reporting via this print, tremendous echo arises in business circles (detailed sees this publication in April 2005 print) . Can last what local government height values civilian battalion company development problem, active help enterprise seeks answered plan, invited research center of Chinese Asia-Pacific economy vice director of center of CCE of university of senior researcher, Zhejiang, " business of short for Zhejiang Province " Wang Shuguang of researcher of magazine engage by special arrangement is made for entrepreneur to place " health of industry of Chinese civilian battalion develops " special performance report. The report causes intense echo in local entrepreneur, after the meeting, and exceed the Zhejiang Jia Xingzhong that is in one ground together with the group to amount to group president Jin Huiming great kindness invites Professor Wang to do special subject to diagnose for its enterprise. In December 2005 a of the first ten days of a month double cease day, past sea salt is medium before Professor Wang amount to a group, this print journalist be accompanying is interviewed.

Collectivize business must have handled two relations: One is the healthy rotation of all subsidiary; Another is to be on the foundation of healthy rotation, realize the revolution around the group. -- Wang Shuguang management is gnomic

Jia Xingzhong amounts to a group a few years this to develop amazingly quick, however be prepared for danger in times of safety of president Jin Huiming: How to hold, foreknow the development of company future. -- Jia Xingzhong amounts to a group to diagnose memoir

"Express " still need to diagnose?

What kind of enterprise needs to diagnose? In average person eye, only insalubrious enterprise needs to diagnose, the enterprise that is be in a bad way even just needs outside force of have the aid of to diagnose. Want be able to pass only, enterprise classics regular meeting is in " maintain " in live. "Start off of in spite of illness " , this already became a lot of companies this " car " run unhappy main reason.

Zhejiang Jia Xingzhong amounts to a group finite liability company is Zhejiang sea salt has quite famous spent company. Turn from June 30, 1999 make for civilian battalion, after executing share-holding system to manage, already expanded the medium-sized business that is to have growing sex extremely to now. The group already had 4 companies below company division nowadays, 6 distinguish a works, produce filling of stainless steel belt, stainless steel canal, chemical industry and tower respectively implement the product such as goods of fittings, stainless steel, white filature silk.

In the tide that recombines in local enterprise annex, amount to in early or late annex " plant of sea salt alloy " , " company of steel tube of sea salt Hua Yang " , " factory of 100 paces silk " , " 100 paces machinery plant " , " sea salt company of engineering of the first construction " , " factory of 100 paces tile " , " sea salt. All by in the bring the dying back to life like the mark of enterprise Dou Ji that amounts to annex to recombine. Now, the cogongrass before what the group becomes company of battalion of sea salt civilian is being amounted to in, this " car " leave quite quickly. President Jin Huiming is amounted to to think in, compare with past photograph, progress is quite great; Connect with future, difference is not little, such enterprise needs to diagnose very much.
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