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Drama of entrance of potash fertilizer of big talk bank is decreased on

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According to Shanghai custom statistic, port of 1-8 month Shanghai imports chemical fertilizer this year 165 thousand tons, value ninety million two hundred and forty-one thousand dollar, with score of photograph of the corresponding period did not drop last year 86.1% with 69.9% . Among them, the potash fertilizer that regards domestic tradition as breed of in short supply chemical fertilizer imports an amount by 824 thousand tons of drama of the corresponding period fell last year reach 57.9 tons. Statistic shows, before this year 8 months, the impetus that depreciation of volume of import of Shanghai port chemical fertilizer rises is very apparent, every tons of chemical fertilizer imports the price on average to be 548.2 dollars, rise compared to the same period 1.2 times. Among them, potash fertilizer imports average price to amount to 3137.3 dollars, rise compared to the same period 12.5 times, go up breathtaking.
Self-sufficient rate is not worth our country sylvite relatively, importing potash fertilizer from the international market is the main avenue that solves inadequacy of domestic potash fertilizer all the time. Shanghai custom analysis thinks, volume of import of potash fertilizer of port of Shanghai of before this year 8 months cheapens litre, main reason is to master the foreign company that international price counterpoises to promote potash fertilizer the price considerably, restrained home to buy. To this, the enterprise should take an active part in the exploration development of international sylvite resource related home, the potash fertilizer that builds stability supplies base outside the condition, accelerate construction of base of domestic potash fertilizer further at the same time, increase potash fertilizer own supply.
Except potash fertilizer, 1-8 month, shanghai port contains nitrogen, phosphor, potassium the mineral fertilizer of 3 kinds of elements or fertilizer import 20 thousand tons, drop compared to the same period 90.9% ; Entrance all valence 600.1 dollars, rise compared to the same period 1.3 times. What form contrast with this is, ammoniac fertilizer becomes Shanghai port chemical fertilizer to basically import breed, import volume amounts to 142 thousand tons, 86.1% what occupy entrance gross.
In the past, the chemical fertilizer that Russia, Canada and Israel are our country tradition imports origin ground. This year 1-8 month, shanghai port imports a quantity to part from the chemical fertilizer of Russia, Canada and Israel by last year 278 thousand tons of the corresponding period, 359 thousand tons fall with 104 thousand tons of drama reach 5093.6 tons, 126.2 tons mix 14.4 tons, 3.2% what aggregate entrance measures 3 markets to occupy chemical fertilizer of port of Shanghai of the corresponding period to import gross only, drop compared to the same period 59.2 percent. Meanwhile, shanghai port imports chemical fertilizer from Belgium 12 thousand tons, grow 1.5 compared to the same period times.
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