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Oil price drops it is Chinese economy untie a person

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After menace of hurricane of ” of “ ancient Si Dafu removes, the whole world is right international crude price, “ altitude deeply cold ” is anxious to be able to loosen eventually the mouth was enraged. Likely to China imply is more. “ if oil price drops continuously by this extent, we are right of Chinese economy forecast, will do bigger correction. Sun Mingchun of economist of advanced China of company of ” Lei Man's brother says. Forecast China in the past according to him 2009 GDP, add fast will drop in exit and constrictive pressure to 8% . He still calls “ Gu Sida husband ” bend, the whole world got rescued, for the external environment of economy of this pair of China, also be the element adding cent of special front. Of with respect to reality word oil price go low successively, will make profit of prices, company, GDP grows to get ameliorative. “ looks very intuitionisticly, crude oil imported cost to reduce, inflationary pressure is reduced, the government draws out money less to get subsidy, a lot of chain related to economy can be benefited. Economy of center of ” state information forecasts a Niu Li of director of macroscopical economy lab to say. With respect to company cost character, chinese the sources of energy consumes 2/3 to be used at industrial domain, only 1/3 is used at traffic to carry, oil price drops will make the cost of industrial business decreases apparently, this will control inflation. For the biggest to China 2 energy company, oil price drops an imply is different. In because oil is business of the mainest exploitation of crude oil exploration, oil price drops can bring about its gain to drop; And in petrifaction is importer of the mainest crude oil and oil refining business, oil price drops can bring about its deficit to decrease. Because crude oil is in,nevertheless the whole world is the field with policy very strong intervention, of energy company win deficient often more is related to policy, and crude price instead is minor factor. For example the country pursues directive price to finished product oil on one hand, on the other hand the Ministry of finance collects crude oil already extraordinary profit gold, also undertake allowance of a huge sum wait to oil refining enterprise when oil price tall look forward to.
“ oil price goes low, the pressure of each respect was reduced of course now a lot of, this is a lot of discuss long already the sources of energy to reform policy, opened executive space. ” Niu Li says, “ publishs fuel tax for example, in carrying out more energy-saving measure that decrease a platoon to wait, long-term the sources of energy develops the strategy. ” observes from wider angle, crude oil is the vane of price of epicycle international heavy goods. Since 2006 as crude oil swift and violent rise, iron ore, nonferrous metal, coal, even commissariat walks out of city of a big ox; And as oil price drop, these heavy goods also walk up boundless Xiong Tu. China is the main entrance country of these heavy goods, crude price leads these heavy goods prices to go low, eased pressure greatly for domestic economy. “ we think, crude price goes at present situation still need observation, basically should look after all to be able to last how long. Current and character, although crude price is going low ceaselessly, but today's price is more inchoate than last year still tall 40% , so pressure still is existence, need discretion is wait-and-see. ” Sun Mingchun says. International oil price in consecutive this year “ hair power ” rushs after jumping 150 dollars to close greatly, the near future appeared of sharp fall after a rise go instead situation. A bit before new York October crude oil futures ever lowest drops to 105.57 dollars, for since April 4 lowest. And at present international oil price already came above of every pails of 95 dollars, compare with the appearance of record of history of every pails of 147.27 dollars that will achieve on July 11, already dropped nearly 30% . ” of hurricane “ ancient Si Dafu was regarded as the activator that this international oil price drops quickly. And just when industry is quick to international oil price,fall after a rise is temporary phenomenon, still change direction thoroughly vexed when, domestic media changes the view to reform of mechanism of price of Chinese the sources of energy in succession.
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