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Building construction rubber reachs his with the synthesis of high strenth epoxy

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As the development that builds industry, building construction rubber already became a kind of new-style structural member to stick now receive material and adornment to repair in applying at building construction with material. Its are main utility is: The consolidate sticking steel of all sorts of component, repair bridge, the Liang Zhu of old factory building is short of caustic to fill strong, post is received long, cantilever bridge is stuck receive, cement picket head is received long, bovine leg is stuck receive etc. Because epoxy resin has the strength after operating convenient, solidify tall, be able to bear or endure the advantage such as moderate of environmental ageing, price, so commonly used building construction rubber is epoxy resin adhesive.

The epoxy resin adhesive that uses at building an industry should have following characteristics:

1: Shear strength, reduce intensity, tensile strength tall.
2: Can be in - 40---80 ℃ fall to be used for a long time.

3: Be able to bear or endure actor of sex of ageing of damp and hot, be able to bear or endure actor of ability in swimming.

4: Operate moderate of speed of convenient, solidify.

To satisfy above function, right recipe is must, of the recipe roughly set prescription is: Accelerant of agent of epoxy resin, flexibilizer, thinner, filling, solidify, solidify.

We draw lessons from abroad to build the uses polyurethane modified epoxy resin generally experience in structural rubber, successful development goes epoxy resin of tenacity of appropriative of rubber of a kind of construction-----Polyurethane modified epoxy resin, the brand is SL-102C.

Specific synthesis condition is as follows:

One: Main raw material:

Limited company of chemistry of family name of epoxy resin contented

MERQUINSA of polyurethane colophony Spain

Reagent of Shanghai of organic stannum activator one factory

2: Synthesize craft

Epoxy resin, warm-up comes 60 ℃ , join activator to join polyurethane colophony slowly again, after nitrogen protects next 80-90 ℃ to react 4 hours, put makings.

3: Result analysis

Epoxy resin of this polyurethane modified the whirl of 60 ℃ viscosity is: 1800 li berth, annulus oxygen is worth: 0.37, colour and lustre is buff, benzene of dissolve Yu Jia, fourth ketone, the dissolvent such as ester of second of Ding Chun, acetic acid, and as good as compatibility of epoxy resin of high melting point.

Those who use at building structural rubber roughly recipe and performance are as follows:

Name Brand Dosage Filling of DMP-30 3 of accelerant of solidify of 651 60 of colophony of polyamide of SL-102C-2 50 of epoxy resin of modified of polyurethane of epoxy resin E-51 100 - right amount thinner - right amount performance is as follows:
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