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Inside tower of synthesis of cold canal of φ 1 400 Mm ZFJ methanol design and a

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The Jiang Huanghui that make the same score benefit
(Hangzhou of machinery plant of Zhejiang industry university 310014)
Machinery plant of Zhejiang industry university begins to undertake ZFJ from 1989 inside tower of synthesis of cold canal methanol research and development works (inside norms from 1 400 Mm) of φ of φ 5OO Mm ~ , inside the methanol tower that produces all sorts of model in all up to now more than 400. Developed 1 000 Mm ZFJ of 01 200 Mm, φ successfully 2001 inside tower of synthesis of cold canal methanol, move in investment of and other places of Anhui, Henan, Shandong early or late; Began tower of φ 1 400 Mm ZFJ methanol 2003 inside research and development works, finish smoothly 2004 make and the person will be cast to move in Anhui on March 25 at of the same age, moving case is good.
Inside tower of synthesis of cold canal of 1 400 Mm ZFJ of 1 φ methanol design train of thought
1. 1 accelerant layer moves those who heat up means is affirmatory
The characteristic that methanol synthesis reacts is strong exothermic, and temperature of active of couplet mellow accelerant is low. It is with C207 accelerant exemple, in ℃ of 15 MPa, 260 only CO participates in methanol when synthesis reacts, its react heat is Mol(414 of / of 1 734, 53 KJ. Mo1) of 96 KcaL / , and activation energy is 94. Mol of 98 KJ / , hind. For 7. ~ of 734 × 10 S. The balance temperature curve that synthesizes reaction according to alcohol of middling pressure couplet and optimum temperature curve,
Inside the design of catalyst basket move when hot means mature the following:
(1) synthesizes reaction from methanol kinetic in light of, after tower of demand gas person reach higher temperature quickly, and as reaction undertake the layer reacts temperature will improve synthetic efficiency reducing a bed stage by stage. But the active temperature limits that waits for accelerant of commonly used methanol as a result of C207 is 220 ~ 290 ℃ , highest operation temperature asks under 290 OC, from the service life consideration that lengthens catalyst, difference in temperature of bed layer axial should be less than 20 ℃ relatively appropriate.
(2) because range of methanol accelerant active is narrower, synthetic tower ratio of height to diameter is lesser, if want to use the active of whole tower accelerant,still must assure lesser with planar difference in temperature, be in so cold canal move what must make sure cold canal distributings in hot means is absolutely and even.
(3) as reaction undertake, after the gas that finish measures the response of 80 % , temperature of requirement bed layer drops somewhat, with the benefit synthesis at methanol, make operate a route more approach optimum temperature curve. And later period is used in catalyst, can use the partial accelerant with bottom reaction inferior temperature to undertake aggrandizement is produced, raise the utilization rate of whole tower accelerant. Because this is absolutely all lukewarm go against what synthesis leads to rise. Use single pipe to fold shed cold canal can better land achieves kind of successive heat exchange afore-mentioned requirements, pass computation of full and accurate, decide cold canal area is mixed on, of amount of cold canal of be issued to lower levels deserve to compare, make control of difference in temperature of whole tower axial is in lesser limits, adopt measure to drop temperature of catalyst layer bottom at the same time. For the setting as far as possible much and distributing equably cold canal ensures structural dependability, cold canal bravery should use much loop form.
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