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In crude output added petrifaction compared to the same period 2007 2.27%

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The Asia is the biggest Zhou Yi of petro-chemical Inc. of China of —— of oil refining enterprise (on January 21) announce, crude output rose compared to the same period 2007 2.27% . Oil refining respect, although the market expects a company,business of oil refining of second half of the year appeared last year deficit, but in the volume of treatment of annual crude oil that petrifaction publishs still rose 6.33% compared to the same period.

Its the target that the amplitude Gao Wuyuan of crude output grew 2.1% surely 2007; And the amplitude that crude oil treatment measures criterion slightly the target that the annual before low Wu Zhi grows 6.6% . The analyst inside course of study points out, the petrifaction in predicting the oil refining professional work of the four seasons is more hard last year, because international crude oil rises in price to the perch over every pails of 90 dollars, but enterprise of Chinese oil refining criterion of government of be enslaved to be enslaved to restrict and cannot be increased accordingly case of finished product oil price. China understands Peng situation currently austere, the dweller will consume price index last year in November (CPI) rises compared to the same period 6.9% , what come for 11 years is highest. Hu Jintao of Chinese state chairman points out this month, below the pressure that connect Peng, standard of equivalence of oil of finished product of near future China, natural gas, electric power must not be adjusted, adopt face measure of interpose of current price case, to the production of partial product the enterprise is executed carry valence to declare. China at will increase standard of finished product oil price November last year, since be 17 months move price first, but of benzine and derv price 9-10% go up, the refine of case of downy to bearing oil price turns a company and character, it is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation only. The satisfy the need before this points out message personage fully, the petrifaction in predicting will obtain Chinese government to even more the one-time compensation of 10 billion yuan of RMBs, in order to make up for its 2007 the loss of oil refining business. In petrifaction is announced on Wu Ji website, 2007 annual, output of company crude oil is close two hundred and ninety-one million six hundred and seventy thousand pails, crude oil machines a quantity to be 155.6 million tons. Crop of natural gas of the corresponding period soars compared to the same period 10.33% , to 2, 83 billion cubic metre foot. The company was not offerred period inside the data of oil price of crude oil implementation.

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