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Communication of technology of rectify of 2008 whole nations and reveal congress

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Communication of technology of rectify of 2008 whole nations and reveal congress to be held ceremoniously in Dalian design association chemistry project to design professional committee to be sponsorred jointly by center of information of Chinese chemical industry and Chinese oil and chemical reconnaissance, by " modern project " the communication of technology of rectify of “2008 whole nation that editorial office undertakes and reveal congress —— , share nearly 250 to come from the expert at countrywide each district and delegate light to overlook this second mass rally. Current, development of technology of our country rectify is very rapid, entering world advanced range. Drive in huge market demand below, combine the new and high technology such as the computer, developed new technology of a series of rectification hardware, software, inside new-style and new method of operation of technology of equipment of the application in method of rectification new design and control method, large rectify, rectify, efficient filling and tower, rectification system heat is compositive reach coupling to waited for domain of a lot of technology to achieve new breakthrough, the technology that is an enterprise progresses, made important contribution for progress of our country economy. This second congress is discussed from the angle of process aggrandizement, communicate and show our country in recent years the newest development of rectification technology is mixed new achievement. The senior academician, Tianjin university Yu Guocong that makes outstanding contribution for progress of technology of our country rectify teachs the the Chinese Academy of Sciences held the position of this second congress honorary president, attended the meeting with advanced age of 87 years old and made important speech. Steel of Yuan Xi of director of lab of depart of rectify of key laboratory of project combination state teachs chemistry of this second congress chairman to report ebulliently to speech of congress of masterpiece attending the meeting and congress. University of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua expends Wei Yang to teach the angle from the strategy, introduced chemical cent to leave way of a certain number of new progress of process aggrandizement and development. In addition, countrywide tower implement director of committee of experts Professor Zhao Ruwen, China tower implement Sun Xijin of assistant chief engineer of major of company of project of petrifaction of technologist party chairman Professor Du Peiheng, China, Nanjing. These reports, the new progress that introduced equipment of new technology of our country rectify, rectify to wait from different point of view, new achievement, aroused the strong interest of delegate attending the meeting, atmosphere of whole assembly room is enthusiastic, the delegate is participated in eagerly quiz and discuss, between expert and delegate, between delegate and delegate active communication. A lot of experts and content of delegate report conference are rich, preparative comparison is sufficient, session gains is very big. This second congress also was broken before the mode of onefold conference, tried small-sized exhibition and the mode that the conference combines, gained very great success. In conference preparatory process, chemical industry of Chinese Hao Hua (group) head office Tianjin is extremely big limited company of filling of Xue Lang chemical industry of the limited company of equipment of chemical industry of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning of university of limited company of industry of clear chemistry of Inc. of Tian Jiuke ability, Tianjin river, Tianjin, city that do not have stannum, Tianjin Hailike ability.
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