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Music week borrows " outside head " expand natural pigment industry

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Every bibcock enterprise or priority discipline, place or a few one famous colleges offer science and technology to prop up; Every ability changes innovation or scientific research tackles key problem task, ” of the head outside name or several one experts participate in …… of process of research and development to borrow “ asks “ counsellor ” , the “ that became the throughout the country's biggest natural pigment to produce base Heibei Qu Zhou county to develop alone ” of door edge tool.
As we have learned, lucky heart company and synthesis of Qingdao university couplet established Heibei luck university of De Yiqing island is natural pigment lab, roll out the product of of all kinds and natural pigment such as oil of pink of chili red pigment, chili, chili early or late, make trade of additive agent for food get the person that run. Gold surpasses rich company and collaboration of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, use gas to explode technical development goes new-style product not to have particieboard of stalk of glue zoology cotton, the product realized 0 formaldehyde, pure zoology, free from contamination, fill home is blank. This county is returned direct “ marries an expert ” takes the door, let these “ counsellor ” and enterprise form interest community. Be like roc amounted to a company to invite two Tsinghua university Dr. ’ , comprise advisory body and technology to tackle key problem for main body with them after the group, grind early or late give out have with legal system of hydrolyze of choline of metallic aluminum foil high pure exceed new technology of fine oxidation aluminium powder and fluid photograph to sink in all new technology of pink of lead of legal equipment oxidation, have the honor to win Heibei to save award of 10 big outstanding inventions respectively.
According to introducing, already had many 200 professor of more than 20 countrywide key university at present, and the expert of several renown ocean of the country such as Denmark, Holand, Russia sends treasure to Qu Zhouchuan classics, solve technical difficult problem for the enterprise 10 many, develop new product 40 multinomial, introduce college advanced technique more than 50, fill 5 home are blank

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