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Tower river oil field crude output will even more this year 6 million tons

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Oil field of river of tower of —— of cropland of the 2nd lard announced Chinese petrifaction on January 21, output of crude of this oil field closed the breakthrough 6 million tons greatly 2008, drive the oil gas of ground of the tub in tower of ” of cornucopia of “ of the sources of energy to develop further.

Anxious Founder of manager of branch of oil field of vice-president of Chinese petrifaction joint-stock company, northwest introduces, tower river oil field predicted 6.09 million tons to produce crude oil 2008, industrial natural gas 10. 500 million stere, annual plans investment 85. 800 million yuan, realize gain 97. 6.3 billion yuan. Exploration side, tower river oil field will refer 3 class reserves 3. 500 million tons of oily equivalent, among them reserves of geology of ascertain oil, natural gas is respectively 0. 800 million tons are mixed 15 billion stere, development new artesian well is controlled 200 times, build 2.18 million tons crude oil productivity. Exploration of tower river oil field obtained significant breakthrough 2007, oil gas output grows quickly, consolidated its China is onshore the of one position of 10 lard cropland. Data shows, crop of crude oil, natural gas was tower river oil field respectively 2007 536. 250 thousand tons with 9. 500 million stere, increase than 2006 respectively 64. 250 thousand tons are mixed 80 million stere. As one of oil field with the at present rapiddest growth of oil gas output, crude output will amount to tower river oil field 2010 10 million tons, become another ten million of Chinese thereby ton the large oil field of class. Gross of contain of natural resources of land of the tub in the Xinjiang tower that its are in amounts to 22.9 billion tons of oily equivalent, the future that be regarded replaces home east the hope of mid oil division.

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