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9 Petroleum Company invest exploration gigantic in Colombia oil

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Colombian nation oil and natural gas company announce 24 days, colombia already signed oil exploration agreement with 9 Petroleum Company, these 9 Petroleum Company will invest about 500 billion dollar to begin oil exploration in elder brother churchyard in all.
The message of oil of nation of Afp cite Colombia and natural gas company says, these 9 Petroleum Company include brand of carapace of flower carry on one's shoulder company of Sen Meifu of Petroleum Company, dust gram, need and need Petroleum Company of country of develop company, Korea and come from Canada and Peruvian the sources of energy the company.
· Sa Mo La says Colombian nation oil and heart of Oman of general manager of natural gas company, these companies will undertake assessment to a few areas inside 3 years, the area that comes out to farther choice piece executive exploration. Elder brother government takes out gross area of the eastpart part this to amount to in all 12. 8 area piece inside area of kilometer of 70 thousand square in order to offer exploration.
Colombian churchyard oil is resourceful, at present already ascertain oil reserves near 1.5 billion pails. Aerwaluo of president of Colombia of not long ago Beilaisi expresses · of · Wu Liwei, the government plans this country ascertain oil reserves adds to this year 4 billion pails.
Colombia is Latin America important and petroliferous country, day produces crude oil to make an appointment with 600 thousand pails, outside eliminating contented home requirement, others exit. Colombian government plan reachs 1 million pails at increasing crude daily output 2015.

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