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The Chinese Academy of Sciences microbial place and housing shop sign are common

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Microbial place and oil of world boundary stone and company of card of carapace of —— of tycoon of the sources of energy signed the Chinese Academy of Sciences a few days ago cooperative agreement, have combination the research of biology fuel respect is developed. Housing card company already this month to the world each are big media announced this one collaboration, caused wide attention.

This collaboration with housing card, it is microbial place is those who push microbial big industry is specific fulfil. When this age bound, rise as the ceaseless violent wind of oil price, globalization stone the sources of energy shorts increasingly. World each country is searching development to be able to last newly eagerly the sources of energy, with period replace traditional the sources of energy stage by stage. Our country imports oil every year in great quantities, make the huge cost that socioeconomy grows not only, also bring hidden trouble to national security. Developing biology the sources of energy is the demand of a strategy of our country, be aimed at each significant demand that the country expands, microbial place is undertaking course is adjusted with what research a field with deploy. In pay attention to develop and use home to study resource while, microbial place is paid attention to likewise develop and use international to study resource, finish new to studying domain and subject deploy quickly. Besides the collaboration with housing card company, microbial place combines world-renowned enterprise extensively still to have the research and development of the related side, of the OXOID company that believes company, Nuo and Nuo heart company, England like Nuo dimension of Denmark, United States outstanding can of family company, Australia need and need develop company, among them the key that technology of biology of material of biology the sources of energy, biology, green is these collaboration.

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