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Zhou Er, report of journal of Japanese economy trade says, company of pharmacy of copy of world number one, company of industry of ladder made of baked clay pharmacy will be promoted with Japanese medicine look forward to and company limited (Kowa Co) is joint-stock begin to sell its copy pharmacy in Japan.
Because face population aged the question that raises with medical treatment charge, japan tries to increased the share of pharmacy of the copy in the market 2012 30% . Accordingly, ladder tile had afore-mentioned operations. Japan is not the data of association of patent medicine pharmacy to show, copy pharmacy owns the share of 60% in the market in the United States, England and Germany, and in Japanese utilization rate inferior all the time, 17% what hold market share about.
Journal of Japanese economy trade says, two companies will sign cooperative agreement this month, sell the product with made of baked clay ladder at beginning to be in Japan since 2010. Current, ladder tile is in Japan to sell drug through a branch, but of the sale is not copy pharmacy. Promote and be look forward to of medicine of an unlisted middle-level, main sale is not prescription drug. Ladder tile is trying to ensure its make the banner place of medical domain in global copy all the time, at present its are buying pharmacy of its competitor Ba Er (Barr Pharmaceuticals) in order to enlarge the sale of Euramerican market.

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