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International oil price epicycle rebounds to reach the designated position basic

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Futures of international crude oil settle accounts price will rise considerably on September 22 15.7% , achieve the history the oldest odd-numbered days goes up. The personage inside course of study points out, contract expires reach pair of United States governments to save city to may produce inflation to be anxious to cause international oil price rises considerably that day. Regain of oil price early days 100 dollars above is basic establish rebounds situation. But at present the whole world especially American economy is exhausted weak, crude oil demand anticipates glide continuously, predicting epicycle rebounds to reach the designated position basically already, did not come in 110 dollars / oscillation possibility is larger near the bucket.
The futures of light qualitative crude that new York business hands in place to trade is successive 4 days of callbacks. Futures of crude oil of NYMEX 10 month 22 days of Pan Zhongsheng exceed 25 dollars for a time, settle accounts price soares 16.37 dollars, to every pails of 120.92 dollars, go up 15.7% , no matter be the dollar rises still be percentage rises, the odd-numbered days since all achieving this bourse to rolled out contract of crude oil futures 1983 is highest level. The North sea that bourse of London international oil will deliver the goods November Bulunte crude oil futures rises in price 6.43 dollars, newspaper at every pails of 106.04 dollars.
Beijing metaphase futures is advanced dispatch of Xiang Shihua money expresses analyst Li Zhe, september 22 is new York crude oil agreement will trade finally in October day, aggravate the wave motion of the market. Additional, american government denounce is gigantic endowment buy undesirable property, this plan will enlarge beautiful budget deficit, promote market inflation worry, your dollar falls greatly. Also be the main reason that stimulates bull capital to enter city, your oil price to soare. In addition, although ” of ancient Si Dafu of “ of early days hurricane and “ Ike ” did not create gigantic havoc to the market, but produce and carry what affected near future crude oil badly, supply volume drops.
Senior analyst Lin Hui also expresses futures of the card in Shanghai, contract expires reach American government to draft a plan 7, the inflation that the city after 0 dollar saves city measure to make investor right may generate feels anxious, it is to cause the main factor that international oil price will rise considerably on September 22. International crude price falls to 91.15 dollars from September 16 / bucket hind already rose 4 days continuously, oil price early days returns time base of 100 dollars above to go up originally afresh establish rebound go situation.
Li Zhe points out, current new brunt contract will look in November, the possibility that period price continues to rise considerably is not large. Because at present the whole world, especially American economy is exhausted weak, crude oil demand anticipates glide continuously. Can judge epicycle to rebound to reach the designated position already basically so, after predicting market sentiment is stabilized stage by stage, around 110 dollars the possibility of oscillation is larger. End the United States local time on September 22 22: 55 minutes, NYMEX-11 month dish in valence is 108.82 dollars / bucket, drop 0.55 dollars.
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