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Coal makes oily technology and investment all have a risk foreground is confused

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National hair changes appoint one paper file, coal of —— of a when caused rich of the 2nd coal to meet new heat makes oil.
Lu installs Sun Zhijiang of group assistant chief engineer to tell a reporter, national hair changes appoint after “ makes stop ” coal to make oily item, the attention that makes oil to coal and controversy are much rise.
Technology and investment all have a risk
Although Lu brings a group 160 thousand tons of / year coal makes hopeful of oily demonstrative project inside year give oil smoothly, sun Zhijiang is right next dimensions changes production to still adopt careful and hopeful attitude: “ dimensions turns production is not simple question, not was 3 years two impossible. ”
The coal that Lu brings a group made oily project use the coal that has own intellectual property indirect and liquefacient technology.
Coal of Shanxi of the Chinese Academy of Sciences changes an assistant director Wu Dong to tell a reporter, the coal that divine China group uses is direct liquefacient technology, also do not have even abroad the industrialized device that can draw lessons from, er of divine China another name for Hubei province is much this the project already appeared for many times since test-drive this year problem, postpone time giving oil again and again.
Wang Hongying of director of institute of the sources of energy of courtyard of Shanxi company division thinks: No matter be direct liquefaction or indirect liquefaction,“ coal makes oil is feasible, but dimensions is changed still is a problem. The personage inside many ” course of study thinks, this is one of main reasons that the country calls to stop coal to make oily item.
What accompany with technical risk photograph is investment risk. As we have learned, every produce oil of a ton of finished product, direct liquefaction uses up raw coal 3 tons of —4 ton, water consumption is 5 tons of —6 ton; Indirect liquefaction uses up raw coal 4.5 tons of —5.5 ton, water consumption is 8 tons of —12 ton. From investment amount looks, direct liquefaction is produced 10 thousand tons every can need 80 million yuan of —1.1 100 million yuan, indirect liquefaction is 110 million yuan of —1.3 100 million yuan. The coal that builds a megaton makes oily device, invest 100 million yuan hundreds at every turn.
The personage inside course of study thinks generally, crude price is when 40 dollars above, it is OK that coal makes oil gain. But as coal price rise, the venture that coal makes oil also is in aggravate.
Lay in as the strategy very necessary
2005, of international oil price shoot up make coal makes oil begin to get domestic and international height takes seriously, the industrialization of liquefaction of the coal that finish sets an example to be included a country subsequently " coal industry develops 915 programs " .
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