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Of the filling in the process that make a starch disperse and handle

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In 20 centuries before 60 time, filling is in joining beater with powder form, in entering an oar to expect, the grain of filling is thicker and add write a volume inferior, do not need to be being added consequently before filling, undertake handling to filling. As the development of papermaking industry, filling dosage increases and the bead diameter decrescent of filling, before asking to join an oar to expect in filling, must disperse in water even, to carry raw material fineness, the grain that agglomerate must leave dispersedly, must the impurity that eliminate may exist. In paper mill, the slop of filling must store below dispersive condition, through choosing eliminate impurity, next pump sends to oar chamfer. Filling is dispersive undertake in big mixture chamfer, in dispersive process, shearing force gets together big garrulous body break up. The beater in mixture chamfer is designed must reasonable in order to assure efficient mix.
The loop of filling slop is very important, when slop Gao Nong is carried but managing energy, dispersive agent can be added when dispersing (if polypropylene is acerbity salt, get together phosphatic) , but should reduce its to add a capacity as far as possible. Raise PH to till,be worth appropriately neuter and alkalescent limits, what can improve filling is dispersive, assure the stability of suspension fluid. Have high negative electric charge as a result of affiliation dispersive agent, overmuch dispersive agent can affect the use result of the cation chemical from the back, increase the cation demand that the oar expects and / or the demand that take a dose to aiding namely. And wet department system is very sensitive to the opposite chroma of additive, join too much aid take a dose or aid the variety that takes a dose to choose undeserved meeting to bring about filling particle excessive garrulous gets together, look-through of sheet of a paper becomes poor, from the graph 6 can see along with filling garrulous gets together the addition of body dimension, its optics function is reduced.
Filling slop chooses extract through two paragraphs normally, last paragraphs are chosen is to pass screen mesh of L 00 purpose, via the filling of extract dispersive fluid is sent to big suspension fluid to store by pump groove, storing how does suspension fluid deposit stop in case of beater in groove, next from this pump sends to oar makings system.
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