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Technology of fuel of new generation biology rises to surface

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Development biology fuel already became global consensus, but can affect food safety with alcohol of fuel of production of cereal, sugar cane, how economic ground produces alcohol with the raw material that be not grain is the technical issue that biology fuel industry is badly in need of solving.
In “ science and technology of 915 ” country props up the support of the plan to fall, what Tsinghua university develops is sweet new technology of sorghum ethanol production and equipment achieved international advanced level. This craft makes sweet broomcorn stalk ferments alcohol time shortens 3 days from barmy of traditional cellar type, the time that this also produces alcohol than using corn to ferment shortened 20 % ; Sugar alcohol is changed rate be as high as 95 % , and manufacturing technology achieved circular economy, 48 % regard the broomcorn stalk after producing alcohol as feed, what 52 % need steam boiler fuel as ethanol production, sweet the moisture in broomcorn stalk still can serve as alcohol to produce craft to reclaim with water.
According to introducing, this kind sweet sorghum is containing salt to measure 0. 5 % can obtain higher yield on the following saline land, will become crop of the sources of energy of new generation ideal. Sweet alcohol of broomcorn stalk production is current in already was being finished, try, undertaking the factory is designed demonstrative, be about to come true commercialize production.
With straw kind alcohol of production of wood fibre vegetable is international difficult problem, live thing of “ of the plan that prop up is simple efficient degradation is special microbial choose build ” task to already developed molecular vibration to assist cellulose of hydrolysis, former unripe compound enzymatic degradation, compose to build with compose use technology of bacterium of project of candy of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem and personal candy gene in all, study with international the level is synchronous, obtain a breakthrough likely above all.
Still remain to break through in view of cellulose alcohol technology, cellulose of the rest after ministry of science and technology still supported manufacturing furfural, xylose can be the research and development that alcohol produces after dextrose in enzymatic solution, it is “ almost as a result of raw material cost 0 ” , the alcohol that yields with couplet of xylose, furfural so has economy more emulative.
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