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Department of Commerce is announced: 27 years of rare earth declare a condition

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[issue an unit] Department of Commerce
[issue article order] announcement 2006 the 85th
[issue date] 2006-11-10

Export management to enhance rare land further, normative exit manages order, basis " law of foreign trade of People's Republic of China " , " regulation of imports and exports of goods of People's Republic of China " concerned regulation, announce now " quota of export of rare 2007 earth is declared condition and declare a process " , do not contain a foreign trader to invest an enterprise among them.

Department of Commerce

On November 10, 2006

Quota of export of rare 2007 earth is declared condition and declare a process

One, quota of rare earth export declares a condition

The enterprise that accords with following condition can apply for rare 2007 earth to export quota:

(one) manufacturing company

1, concern formulary classics by the country registration book of department of industrial and commercial administration, obtain imports and exports to manage a qualification or deal with foreign trade operator to put on record register, have independent corporate organization; After 2005 the enterprise of registration book, must be in charge of sectional approval through the country, issue relevant proof data.

2, accord with policy of standard of admittance of rare opium trade, relevant industry; Exit achieved 2000 tons of above for money amount 2005 or exit achieves above of 30 million yuan of RMB for money amount.

3, did not achieve the 2nd requirement, but nearly 3 years (2003 - 2005) year all amount of rare earth exit is in 700 tons of above or nearly 3 annual all amount of rare earth exit is in above of 4 million dollar (it is with custom statistic number accurate) .

4, product quality reachs active state level, obtain attestation of ISO9000 quality system.

5, have the environmental protection that suits with photograph of scale of production to administer establishment, contaminant is discharged achieve country or place to concern pollutant discharge standard, evaluate via branch of provincial above environmental protection amount to mark and issue the environment that amounts to mark to discharge when year to monitor a report.

6, the relevant policy regulation that accords with national land management.

7, abide by a country the concerned regulation of relevant law laws and regulations and local government, attend provide for the aged, unemployed, medical treatment, inductrial injury lawfully, bear etc each society is sure and on time insurance premium of society of pay of full specified amount, offer seat labor and social security branch to issue already on time pay of full specified amount the relevant proof of each society insurance premium.

8, without the act that violates a country to concern law, code.

(2) current business
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