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1, 700 tycoons will get together in April Shanghai is made the Asia is rubber-pl

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The world the 3rd, Asian first is plastic balata exhibition - " the 22nd China International is plastic rubber industry exhibition " (abbreviation " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " ) will reach revisit Shanghai 20 days on April 17, 2008, in Chinese Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is held grandly. 1, 700 famous global suppliers are exhibited to this of the meeting hold take seriously very much, lian Yuelai is ceaseless with sponsor an unit to undertake consulting, the hope is in of this world-class exhibit in the meeting, strive for a chance that faces more than 60000 global audiences, show the outstanding performance of its masterly technology and product.

" international is rubber-plastic exhibit " announce on the Shanghai press conference that sponsors unit elegant type to exhibit Zhu Yulun of president of service limited company to be held midday today, " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " score all-time success, 11 exhibit a house exhibit complete already by lease, and new built 10 thousand square metre exhibit a house temporarily also complete by obligate. Zhu Yulun expresses, " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " revisit Shanghai, dimensions innovation is tall, amount to 130, 000 square metre, hua Dong of down to of will farther stimulative Shanghai is plastic the development of rubber industry. Vice-chairman of Shanghai plastic guild holds secretary-general Liu Jing Fen concurrently to point out, in firm past 2007, the plastic industry that Hua Dongliu visits one town lasts driving, predict plastic resin and copolymer crop are 1, 2.93 million tons; Prospective yield of plastic and mechanical equipment is 544 thousand tons, 74.5% what hold countrywide total output; Plastic product output has half of country in the whole nation, occupy 50.3% . And rubber industry also has express development in home, the production of rubber products and sale basically are centered in foreland of the eastpart part, and form the industry that has area distinguishing feature stage by stage group, take in long triangle of Hua Dong down to for example already appeared the industry with industry of auxiliary of balata tire, balata and framework data group. " are 2008 international rubber-plastic exhibit " continue with " blend in the life? Achievement business chance " give priority to a problem, the chemical raw material that meeting admiral uses at many industries showpiece and 1, many 800 mechanical equipment. Plasticity of plastic balata itself is very tall, as the progress of science and technology, the applied face of plastic balata jumps over hasten extensive, include steam to match, building materials, communication and information science and technology, pack, electron and the domain such as electric, hardware tool, medical treatment equipment. On the news briefing, secretary-general of root of Miao of guild of Shanghai electric home appliances Previous12 3 Next
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