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Yunnan and medium oil collaboration builds oil refine to transform base

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According to report of Kunming of Xinhua News Agency, the Yunnan that kicked off a few days ago saves eleventh on conference of people's congress first time, yunnan saves a government to express clearly to build oil refine to transform base. Qin Guangrong of Yunnan province governor makes in place " governmental working report " in express, with the strategy of company of group of Chinese oil natural gas collaboration entered executive phase.
Since 2007, oil refine dies project and conduit point of fall in is the central point that makes attention of a lot of media in Chongqing or Yunnan. And in Yunnan construction oil refine changes base to be able to shorten greatly the distance that crude oil carries in home, reduce carriage cost considerably, and but radiation Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Guangxi western the city that visit an area.
This, yunnan province will build oil refine to change base to include Yunnan saved project of 20 major construction 2008, put forward to want to fulfil with in the cooperative agreement that oil signs, cooperate to do the relevant work that good project builds, strive for start working construction, deploy clutchs the earlier stage that begins downstream product development to use works.
Yunnan province development and reform committee are in the report that this the place in the conference makes says, strive for the go into operation that includes refine of 10 million tons of oil to turn the first batch of major projects to build, pipeline of oil of the remote in cooperating a country to had been done and refine are changed, the early days of project of natural gas pipeline works, advance Yunnan provincial the construction of path of finished product vitta and oil storage facility for reserve purpose.
Yunnan is provincial do not produce one dribble, be with oil external the province with very high rate of depend on sb or sth for existence, basically rely on the refinery such as Hua Na, northwest to offer finished product oil at present. Because haul distance is long, cost is high, yunnan is in the end that oil of countrywide finished product supplies, and in the “ coal report that restricts Yunnan development oil carries ” in 4 big bottleneck, once oil plants is supplied,appear the problem can conduct coal, report, carry very quickly.

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