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Project of Libyan in December 2008 international reachs oil, natural gas, oil, e

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Project of Libyan in December 2008 international reachs oil, natural gas, oil, exhibition of power energy resources
Project Libya &Energy Libya 2008
One, show time: On December 10, 2008 - 13 days (annual)
2, show a location: In Libyan Li Bo (Tripoli) Libya
3, content of item on display: Libyan international project reachs oil, fair of trade of natural gas the sources of energy: Basically reach oil with international project project, natural gas, power energy resources is central theme:
★ key theme exhibits one: Project of Libyan international project (building and building materials) Infrastructure Libya:
▲ project project serves business and contractor, build provider of building materials equipment: Libyan infrastructure project (highway, railroad, haven, the airport) , construction of water conservancy project, power project project is built, reach oil, project of natural gas project; Facilities of Libyan construction project (civil building, building materials) .
★ key theme 2: Libyan international oil, natural gas, electric power reachs new energy resources: Energy Libya
▲ international is famous Petroleum Company; ▲ oil, equipment of natural gas machinery: Exploration, exploitation, wildcat, oilcan, conduit () , electric equipment of explosion proof of conduit machinery, industry, cheer machine, pump, valve, compressor, sky to divide equipment, pressure vessel to wait; Instrument appearance: Measure metric instrument, screen pack, screen mesh to wait; The technology serves: Survey, mapping, abstraction, liquefacient, solder, quality detects, project of the technology such as control of discharge velocity of flow, oil depot, safe, call the police, conduit circuitry detects reach protection, fire control to call the police safety of equipment, industry and labor protecting material; Product of all oil, natural gas. ▲ power energy resources: Generate electricity equipment: Power station, dynamo (group) be defeated become electric equipment, superhigh pressure, tall, medium, low pressure is defeated change cable of switch of low pressure of electric equipment, distribution facilities, transformer, high school, electrician and electric machinery equipment, wire;
▲ new energy resources: Solar energy, smooth hot season, reach all sorts of clean the sources of energy. Irrigation works the sources of energy; Nuclear energy source;
4, extend meeting scope (previous term or session: 2007) :
Area: 10, 000 meters? ;
Ginseng postpone business: 141 (come from 20 many nations of world, the ginseng that has 90% exhibits business to decide to attend 08 to exhibit continuously meeting)
The person that look around: 2585 people (exhibit can open to professional audience only)
5, sign up end:
6, exhibition brief introduction:
This exhibition by England famous Montgomery company is sponsorred, plan by Libyan country appoint, Petroleum Company of resource of mineral products of national construction ministry, country, electric power and industrial committee, Libyan country (NOC) , company of Libyan state power (GECOL) participate in combination to sponsor, this exhibited meeting success to hold 2006, in African area force all-time, attracted come from the ginseng of 20 many international such as England, United States, Italy, Russia, south Africa, Spain to exhibit, flower beauty two countries organized ginseng of large-scale national round group to exhibit severally, world well-known company is like Libyan country Petroleum Company (NOC) , French path amounts to LUKOIL of Er, Russia, Chevron to come round to join exhibit, libyan regard Africa as burgeoning country, its have great progress space inside each domains, all sorts of project projects are badly in need of building, and natural resources of its oil gas is very substantial, it is one of countries with African oil the biggest reserves, the interest government positive development to oil gas resource policy, the good progress that benefit concerns in, the victory that reachs Central Africa forum is held, face Libyan purchase the market tremendously, chinese enterprise will gain very good business success surely. Contract to do a job in project of Libyan international project for Chinese enterprise reach the device inside field of energy of oil, natural gas exit and service are offerred on created superexcellent chance;
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