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Petrifaction of oil of industry of energy of the 2nd Vietnam international and c

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Conference address: Jump over center of austral home conference
Conference time: 2008-10-29 arrives 2008-11-01
Sponsor an unit:
Connect a telephone call: 010-69235235
Contact a fax:
Contact an address:
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Contact mailbox:
Contact: Mr Li
Assist run an unit:
Conference content: Petrifaction of oil of industry of energy of international of the 2nd Vietnam and coal mine exhibition

Time: Came on October 29, 2008 on November 1
Place: Jump over center of austral home conference
One, origanization construction:
Sponsor an unit: Group of minerals of coal of Vietnam of department of trade of Vietnam nation industry (VINACOMIN)
Group of oil of Vietnam of ministry of Vietnam environment resource (PETROVIETNAM)
Assist run an unit: Vietnam of ministry of Vietnam science and technology plans to invest a ministry
TV station of Vietnam of government of people of the city inside the river
Support an unit: Head office of group of Vietnam electric power (association of EVN) Vietnam the sources of energy (VEA)
Undertake unit: Hurried of trade of Vietnam of referral center of Vietnam energy industry serves joint-stock company
China organizes an unit: In - brilliance of the look forward to in jumping over business affairs center (Beijing) information referral center
Action business supports an unit: Vietnam socialism republic is stationed in China embassy commerical department
2, market background:
Vietnam the sources of energy is resourceful, phyletic reserve is breathtaking. But capital is lacked and develop lag of technical research and development as a result of industrial instability, investment, vietnam is developed independently in energy field use a respect to lag behind at far a lot of develop and developing country. At the same time the abidance of Vietnam economy develops quickly, energy demand growth is driving. Vietnam government is being adopted enlarge international communication, the means such as collaboration of international of stimulative energy field is sought alleviate the contradiction between energy supply and economic progress, big thrust is carried into industry, traffic, building, business is used and civil those who wait for key domain is energy-saving.
Coal: Vietnam already the coal gross of ascertain 6.5 billion tons, and breed much, quality is good. With anthracitic, wide Tian Mei is grand radical high grade coal of the representing is world-famous. Vietnam coal output made an appointment with 18 million tons 2006, export a quantity to be 11 million tons about among them, among them major product basically sells past China. To 2010 Vietnam produces per year coal quantity to amount to 46 million tons about / year. The coal industry of Vietnam already had 100 old histories, a lot of collieries and rate of modernization of mechanization of the factory that pick coal are not high, need rebuilds or newer facility satisfies exploitation to estimate an end with improving productivity. Chinese mine develops technical equipment to accord with Vietnam national condition quite, the exit Vietnam perspective such as equipment of processing of treatment of facilities of mine machinery equipment, safe technology equipment, powdery body treatment, clean coal is wide.

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