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China of raw material of pharmacy of the 8th world exhibits CPhI

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Exhibit meeting name:  of ┰ of Bu of reins of billows of Qu illicit enthalpy shows discharge  ?CPhI&ICSE China 2008
The corresponding period is held: 2The machinery of 008 worlds pharmacy, equipment that pack and material China exhibit P-MEC China 2008
Hold time: 2New international of ——26 day Shanghai will read extensively 8 years on June 24 center
Hold a place: Road of Long Yang of Pudong of Shanghai of?(of happy travel of ├ of assorted of  of shrimp P deer 2345)
Sponsor an unit: MPI of – of chaste tree of  of Xing Xun of  of skirt of thunder of appraise of lossen soil with a hoe of the ┪ that divide Yi) Chinese medicine health care tastes chamber of commerce of imports and exports (CCCMHPIE)
Assist run an unit:  of 2 ┗  receives shrimp MP Sinoexpo of – of chaste tree of  of Xing of appraise bake in a pan aing kind of sweet grass)
Exhibit meeting cycle: Knock separate is called out
Extend meeting scope: 65, 1500 area of exhibition of 000 square metre, ginseng exhibit an unit, 30, 000 professional audiences
Domestic contact is in: Shanghai Bo Huaguo border shows limited company
The road austral this world of Chinese Shanghai assist 218 modern large buildings 10 buildings
Postcode: 200031
Tel: 86 21 64371178
Fax: 86 21 64370982
Relevant introducing:
China is red-blooded burgeoning medicine market, will carrying 18% right-and-left annual growth rate for years, and hopeful made the world 2010 market of the 5th big medicine, as medicine of global raw material production is transferred to China ceaselessly, the contract is custom-built outside the requirement that includes production is increased ceaselessly, on the foundation that medicine of Chinese chemical raw material is continueing to hold traditional dominant position, will raise its to be in further the whole world is general the market share of medicine of renown raw material.
Comply with the swift and violent development of the industry and the driving requirement that satisfy the market, sponsor an unit to be bred meticulously for years through China and foreign countries, raw material China showed world pharmacy to already developed Asian area congener exhibit in the meeting the most large-scale the international brand with highest administrative levels is exhibited meeting, also be the pharmacy industry distinguished gathering that you cannot miss.
Arena of ascend body international, establish more business connection, will quickly join us!
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