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Equipment of film of 2008 international industry and technology (Shenzhen) exhib

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Conference address: Shenzhen can exhibit a center
Conference time: 2008-11-12 arrives 2008-11-14
Sponsor an unit: Guangzhou inferior show limited company
Connect a telephone call: 020-32205706
Contact a fax:
Contact an address: Dong Pu of Guangzhou the Milky way
Contact a postcode: 510660
Contact mailbox:
Contact: Shi Wanying
Assist run an unit:
Conference content: The welcome attends film of 2008 international industry and technical equipment (Shenzhen) exhibition, abbreviation FILMEXPO, it is Asia-Pacific area the professional grand meeting of domain of only industry film, expect your participation!
FILMEXPO gives priority to a problem with ” of “ industry film, cover industrial film front the newest material to terminal and technology, show ” of a new concept of “ of industrial film domain, new technology, new product, new solution, offer to buy the home integrated and comprehensive one-stop purchase platform.

[exhibit meeting setting]
Come nearly 20 years, our country filmy industry grows quickly, very conspicuous, the application of filmy material and technology already permeated each domains to national economy science and technology. Global market takes pack seriously increasingly, the rapid development of the industry that pack promoted filmy use quantity to soar, demand increases every year with the speed of 9% above, drive industrial film is changed to the function, the compound film of poor dissimilation develops; Of all kinds electron, electric etc industrial film indicates all in all position likewise, quantify the miniaturization that is electronic goods not only, gently, high density is changed and high reliability produced conclusive effect, and produced new special function through filmy combination, become the key of a lot of electronic nicety products.
To reach industry filmy promotion applies those who reach technical industrialization to fulfil, promote the development of the our country filmy material, technology that make film and film application actively, you Zhengya exhibits limited company to combine numerous industry to organize collective organization to sponsor the industrial film fair with Asia-Pacific only area (FILMEXPO) . As film of Chinese initiate industry major is exhibited, FILMEXPO is with powerful Chinese market demand rely on, for Asia-Pacific area film industrial market makes an unique international commerce platform!

[get together FILMEXPO, develop infinite business chance]
FILMEXPO base oneself upon at industrial film domain, film of with a view to applies and make velar technology, show cable length of filmy and relevant industry in the round. Meanwhile, use key trade in the light of industrial film, include to pack presswork, electrician of electron, electric equipment, photoelectricity, mobile phone, computer, car, home appliance, chemical industry establish key industry to invite audience ginseng to meet, outstanding professional the comprehensive promotion that promotion of exhibition commerce collaboration, brand, product shows perfect couple, make industrial film with all one's strength one-stop purchase platform.

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