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[Supply] stop a powerful person of explosion proof electromagnetism closely agog

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Information theme: [Supply] stop a powerful person of explosion proof electromagnetism closely agog quickly

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Release time: 2008-10-13 11:33:03

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Break structure of principle of parameter of technology of ★ of a powerful person of electromagnetism of safety explosion proof closely agog: Move continuously oriented and concave and convex model temperature of piston coil job: < 50 ℃ , < 85 ℃ controls fashion: Often leave (electrify is shut, artificial hand is moved open) ; Often leave (electrify is opened, automatic restoration) international standard voltage: Medium of current fluid of AC220V, DC24V: Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas, firedamp, gas wait for current fluid temperature: Pressure of current fluid of <-40 ℃ , < 60 ℃ , < 120 ℃ : Ability of system of a powerful person of 0.5bar, 1bar, 2bar, 6bar, 10bar, 16bar is qualitative: Stainless steel (304, 316) , cast-iron body HT250 (internal composition makes for stainless steel) coil join means: Explosion proof iron overspreads cable of 3 core double jacket (down-lead type, enclosed) sealed material quality performance: Be able to bear or endure means of lukewarm, compression, wear-resisting, anticorrosive join: Hair orchid, whorl. Sealed structure: Line of circular arc awl and planar and sealed leakage rate: 0 shut time: Characteristic of function of ★ of 3 seconds of less than: Limits of work of ★ of sex of versatility, tall sensitivity, close sex, security, macrobian life: Natural gas accuses oneself, gas accuse oneself, liquefied petroleum gas accuses oneself, firedamp accuses oneself, equipment burning gas, aldehyde equipment and the annotate such as equipment burning gas: 1, in the fluid if contain impurity, electromagnetism a powerful person must be installed into end filter a powerful person (30——80 looks / inch) , and without caky reach crystallization phenomenon. 2, azimuth of installation of electromagnetism a powerful person is absoluteness. (S- level installation, C- is perpendicular install) a powerful person of electromagnetism of explosion proof of specification of explosion proof coil is the job the electromagnetism a powerful person in more special environment, the user must select electromagnetism a powerful person according to standard of national explosion proof. In order to assure life and belongings safety. A powerful person of explosion proof electromagnetism that my company produces already was passed " explosion proof of Chinese coal industry examines station " examine and obtain certificate of approval of product of a powerful person of explosion proof electromagnetism. One, in a powerful person of electromagnetism of advanced explosion proof (lie between explode model) explosion proof mark: EXd Ⅱ CT5 makes a standard: Temperature of carapace of explosion proof of GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.2-2000: Dimension of mouth of ≤95 ℃ line: Inside whorl M16X1.5 (small-power) , M22X1.5 (high-power)
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