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Xinghua Chemical Industry launched a long high-quality products paint pigments a

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Pigment is the color is added to make the material objects, pigments can be divided into two types soluble and insoluble, inorganic mineral pigments of a general, human beings have long known that use of inorganic pigments, the use of colored soil and minerals, the rock paint and painting the body. Organic pigments generally taken from plants and marine animals, such as Qian Lan, Garcinia and Roman purple extracted from shellfish. Paint itself is in powder-like material in water, oil, resin, organic solvent medium does not dissolve, but can be evenly distributed in these media and make the media coloring, but has a certain opacity. Packing refers to other objects in the fill material in the chemical products, fillers, also known as fillers, is also working to improve performance, mechanical properties of products and (or) reduce the cost of solid materials. Which can significantly improve product strength filler, to join in the coatings industry often white or colored fillers (such as titanium dioxide, talc, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, etc.) to improve the coating of optical, physical and chemical properties, such uses filler (filler) is called the physical development of pigment or pigment. Cheung Hing Wah Zhejiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., located in the Taihu Lake in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province Town of Xingxian Lee. Our main products include heavy calcium carbonate (calcite powder), talc, calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) and bentonite. Cheung Hing Wah industry since its inception, the efforts of all staff, the current annual output of calcium carbonate has reached 20 million tons, calcium hydroxide production capacity to 10 million tons. The products are widely used in rubber, plastics, coatings, citric acid, medicine, feed, ceramics, construction and other industries.
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