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Agency said the fine chemical industry with a bright future

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Recently, Sinopec and BASF announced a new expansion project. The project will produce mainly used in paints, detergents and detergent products and other areas of fine chemical products, investment funds is expected to total about 10 billion U.S. dollars. Investment Advisor in the chemical industry researcher Yi-Chi Chang believes that the cooperation between Sinopec and BASF entered the field of fine chemicals will facilitate increase in the rate of refinement. Global fine chemical industry in recent years gradually developed into a mature stage, the refinement of the current rate of developed countries has reached 60-70%. The rate of the fine was only 40% in 2009, and the relatively large gap between the developed countries. According to the Investment Adviser's "China's fine chemical industry, 2010-2015 Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that the resulting low rate of refinement of the reasons First, the domestic development of related technology is relatively backward, while the foreign advanced technology, chemical giant and implementation of foreign technology blockade, the development of China's fine chemical industry, the lack of advanced technology support; the second is the fine chemical enterprise in China mainly for small and medium private enterprises, and has the resources and financial advantages of the large state-owned chemical enterprises on the development of fine chemical products The enthusiasm is not high, which also led to the refinement of our low rate. Chang Yi-Chi that the Sinopec and BASF cooperation into the field of fine chemicals, Sinopec can effectively introduce BASF fine chemicals on advanced production technology, and by virtue of its huge resources to develop fine chemical industry contribute to the development of China's fine chemical industry and the refinement of the rate of increase. Investment Advisor in the Research Director Zhang Yan Lin pointed out that the development of fine chemical industry chemical industry is to achieve structural adjustment and industrial upgrading an important step, and in the countries of the seven major support proposed new strategies and fine chemical industry is also closely related to almost every industry needs to fine chemical products used in the future, as large state-owned enterprises in the petrochemical and other fine chemical industry of the gradual development of attention, China's fine chemical industry is very optimistic about the prospects.
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