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Industry specializing in surgery and stronger through innovation from Xuelang

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Wuxi is currently the largest concentration of private chemical equipment companies in the world. Wuxi Chemical equipment industry is characterized by prominent enterprises and more product varieties. Private enterprises in Wuxi Chemical Equipment by virtue of its unique Business strategy, has been gradually establish their competitive advantage. In late September, the reporter interviewed the Lake District in Wuxi, a company --- Wuxi Xuelang this chemical packing plant, its professional production of a variety of essential chemical tower packing, and Packing equipment technology can provide, the size of only 100 people, after 20 years of development, it has already become the industry's leading companies. This reporter has learned from the 1985 construction date, this enterprise specializing in chemical tower packing and equipment, and good at technical innovation, now and in the chemical tower packing equipment in the field have been few challengers. Competitiveness from the professional Xuelang factory was founded, the direction is not clear, manufacturing over furniture, repaired farm machinery, but also produce some chemical equipment, the absence of their unique technical advantages, have not been able to form a competitive advantage and strength. A A chance, so that the development of private enterprises found the right direction and getting faster and faster on this road. The mid-80s of last century, through technical cooperation with the Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute, provided by Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical tower packing theoretical support, Xuelang plant in the production process is focused on technology research, and soon the plant to produce City SW-type field mesh needed packing to fill the gap. The experts of Shanghai and Jiangsu Province, the packing has low pressure drop, high flux, high efficiency, and when compared to other similar products on the market efficiency Can increase several times. The technology for that year National Science and Technology Progress Award, Zhu Xialin director for the first time the national patent certificate. Can be said that the Shanghai Chemical Industry Institute will Xuelang led into a chemical factory packing industry. From the , The plant will have a clear development goal: professional production of a market looking very inconspicuous chemical filler. Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute is unique by virtue of the theory of technical support, Xuelang plant from the selection to the preparation process, the basic no detours. And let Zhuxia Lin is director of the deepest experience, private small businesses in the early days, only the professionals Note in one area, 'rather eat a fresh peach, apricot eat rotten basket', possible bigger and stronger. Development driven by innovation If the professional to identify the direction Xuelang plant, a firm footing, then these years the plant can continue to move forward step by step, still largely rely on innovation. In Zhu Xialin business philosophy, technology has always been Top priority. He believes that companies operating in their own deficiencies found during the technology and can be innovative, is extremely valuable, one can refine and improve product quality, the second is to enhance employee skills. Therefore, the plant Never avoid technical problems. In technological innovation, Xuelang plant has a distinctive feature, is to efficiently and cost-conscious awareness into it. Zhu Xialin A famous saying: 'the director have to listen to the cost. 'He believes that private enterprises and state-owned enterprises the most obvious Difference is that the cost of understanding. While the current investment and financing of private enterprises and discrimination policy has improved, but still at a disadvantage. Survive and to develop private enterprise, not a lower cost is not bitter Efforts. Around 2000, Zhu Xialin a chemical plant in Jiangsu Danyang learned to drive the production of ethylbenzene packed column of high costs, low separation efficiency because of Tower low permeability of the body disc separator, the capacity per hour is only Are 4.25 tons, 6 tons of treatment did not meet the standard, the reason is the tower wall flow could not be used. After analysis, Zhu Xialin that the tower wall flow and the wall around the tower by the filler is fully utilized, because the liquid Downstream along the tower wall, I happened to be a smooth up and down the channel, representing an increase of channel area of the tower. To this end, he proposed his own reform proposal to transform the tray Tray Distributor distributor, packing after transformation Tower capacity increased to 7.8 tons per hour, productivity increased almost 1 times, and greatly reduce production costs. Pesticide business equipment towers, the reasons for separation media can easily form the corrosion of stainless steel, and past use of ordinary steel mesh panels can not solve the corrosion problems. Experts suggest that switching to reduce the corrosion of pure titanium Level, however, the high cost of using pure titanium. Plant is determined to find ways to solve this problem. Through research, no precedent in the international situation on the plate pull into the network, the cost of production per square meter reduced stencil 500 , Has captured the cost of clearance. Argon gas for the system tray column when the case of high power consumption, Zhu Xialin years of painstaking research, Oxygen Factory in Hangzhou, East China University of Technology and co-ordination and the former Ministry of Chemical Industry Design Institute of the help of several air separation Packed column cryogenic technology to come out. The technology used replacement plate tower packing tower, so that hydrogen-free argon, hydrogen reduction process and storage of hydrogen in the warehouse, but also reduce unsafe links, a large production costs. At present, this technology is widely used in iron and steel enterprises, which can reduce power consumption of 8% to 12%, to air separation to generate oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other international standards process chemical gases, and further established the chemical packing plant equipment and technology Xuelang Competitiveness in the market. Methanol in the 2003 national work conference, Zhu Xialin read a paper factory introduced a patented Xuelang new technologies applied to the 'Three Towers' (pre-tower, tower and atmospheric pressure tower) process process of methanol Health Produced in steam consumption per ton using the traditional process from 2.4 tons to 1 ton. Zhu Xialin that if the methanol production plant the country have adopted the patented technology, production costs can be reduced several million dollars. Heilongjiang Chemical Plant, Methanol plant in Daqing and other sets of methanol plant using this technology, the costs are significantly reduced. In 2004, Lutianhua plan launched 40-ton methanol project, the project Expert Group adopted the technology compared with other technologies on the domestic After the card to determine the tower by Zhu Xialin invention patent technology. At present, Zhu Xialin patented invention has reached 11, all with the tower and equipment related to chemical packing, using the enterprise in Shanghai, Tianjin and Sichuan provinces, much of the country, so greatly improving the production efficiency, Reduce production costs. Determined to create the industry leader Lake edge of this private small factories, and now has become a Tower packing and equipment is one of the most competitive enterprises. Relying on continuous improvement, technological innovation, Xuelang packing plant has become the industry leading companies. In China, the use of Xuelang plant products has reached more than 1,000 enterprises, some enterprises have 24 sets of devices using the Xuelang packing plant products, receive satisfactory results. In addition, the United States and many foreign York International Corporation Enterprise has also been the import of chemical packing products Xuelang plant. Journalists in the use of plant products Xuelang several chemical companies understand, use Xuelang plant products, the production run meet or exceed design requirements. Union Chemical Co., Ltd. Shandong Methanol plant with an annual output 50,000 tons in 2001 August production, the pre-methanol distillation tower, tower and atmospheric pressure were used Xuelang plant tower mesh type corrugated structured packing and trays to collect another distributor, after 4 years of operation, product quality, energy-saving effect , tons of alcohol vapor Consumption dropped to 0.96 tons from 1.5 tons, quality product rate of 99% or more; Jiangsu Yancheng Yong Lin Paint Chemical Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 30,000 tons Xuelang plant fatty acid distillation column packing mesh after drive a success of the A color to products of oleic acid level, the steam consumption per ton of product decreased by 30%; Hangzhou Oxygen Factory and other enterprises, told reporters Xuelang packing plant technical performance products and foreign products, rather, the quality reliable, the National Day Save lots of foreign exchange. Although Xuelang chemical packing plant products have received a great deal of market share, and was awarded the National Expert Committee towers 'Chinese brand list of products towers' title, but Zhuxia Lin believes that the market potential of the humble chemical packing Force is still very great, and because barriers to entry are not high, competition will become increasingly fierce. Based on this, Xuelang plant will continue to be based professional, innovative, and strive to become a true leader in the industry.
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