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Tak Ching Ming Yi chemical transformation and upgrading of success

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"Production from the open to full closed-end production, we get not only the economic gains, it is green, environmental protection, energy saving and low-carbon of the harvest." Speaking of corporate restructuring and upgrading, the Zhejiang Yi Qingming Chemical Co., Germany Chen Yongming, general manager says. He told reporters that in recent years, the central government green production, cleaner production and the development of the spirit of low-carbon economy, their company comply with the development trend of increased efforts to upgrade, Since last year, they invested millions of dollars on production equipment and devices has been a significant technological upgrading and transformation, making rapid increase in production capacity, production costs dropped significantly, expanding profit margins, and enhance The market competitiveness. 1-9 months of this year, the sale of nearly 3,000 million, an increase of 20%. It is understood that Germany and formerly known as Ching Ming Yi Deqing Boké chemical industry, creating more than 10 years, has been committed to the development, production, operating powder coating, polyester resins, epoxy resins, phosphorous acid and other products, product Have been exported all over the country and exported to the EU, Brazil and many other countries and regions. "After the transformation, phosphorous than the original workshop production increased by 50% or more." In a workshop, Chen Yongming pointing to rows of the reactor, told reporters in May of this year, they closed the old shop had completely changed Workshop made a phosphite, a new shop in the full range of new equipment purchased, making the production capacity and product quality has been greatly improved, which is the transformation of the company has been set up equipment, the largest and most complete one. In fact, as a veteran, before creating the Boké chemical, Chen Yongming have had business experience. 90, Chen Yongming and friends travel to Yiwu, Yiwu Small Commodity City to see both more and cheaper products, a Kinds of plastic packing tape, Yiwu, as long as a few dollars, but to actually be sold for tens of dollars Deqing. At this point, Chen Yongming germination Daichang his idea to do packaging, due to the amount of too little, eventually abandoned the project. However, Up their own business ideas in Chen Yongming hearts took root. After Chen Yongming run from the individual small silicon steel plant and packing plant. Since that time the policy is not very easy, plus transportation was mainly by water, cardboard boxes Water to break and other reasons, had to close the business. Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech for Chen Yongming see hope. In 1995, rural enterprises for two years in the sales of Chen Yongming finally decided to do it themselves. This year, Chen Yongming bought a four-mu land, invited technical staff, a Fan recruit after a real business. As the original made in the sale of township enterprises have forged a broad network of contacts, combined with the original product is a service business the same product, Chen Yongming wind started doing business on the raw water Seq. From 10 million started production of polyester products, development of entrepreneurship in 10 years, the Ming Yi Chemical keeping pace of the market, continue to strengthen technological innovation, and accelerate product upgrading to achieve the business small to big, from weak to The rapid changes in intensity. In recent years, the company has the introduction of engineering and technical personnel and from colleges and universities, conducted a number of products, technology research, from a single polyester resin products to independent research and development success of powder coating, epoxy resin Fat, phosphorous four series of dozens of products, its leading products thermosetting powder coating, acrylic coatings are widely used in household appliances, office furniture, garden equipment, instrumentation, hardware, lighting and other fields, production Commodities bright future. As an entrepreneur from the countryside to come out, Chen Yongming know the hardships of rural areas, for which the enterprise development, did not forget to increase charitable efforts. In recent years, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, Old Town, the park bell tube Chen Yongming old people can receive personal gifts and condolences sent gold. According to incomplete statistics, Chen Yongming in helping the poor, twinning assistance, charitable donations, building bridges and roads and other aspects of the generosity of the total individual contributions Has reached 50 million. "Man alive, you should be loving, kindness, love the public welfare, contribute to the society to do more things!" Chen Yongming said. When talking about the future development, said Chen Yongming, will further increase investment, strengthen scientific management, improve product quality, and constantly open up domestic and foreign markets, and strive to enterprises bigger and stronger for the early sales do Million sale of enterprises, local economic development and make positive efforts.
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