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Water pump sets the sealed experiment of soft filling

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Filling is sealed have filling source wide, treatment easy, price is cheap, sealed reliable, operation is simple wait for a characteristic, suitable scope is accordingly wider. In last few years the development as sealed filling, filling is sealed in material, configuration and all sorts of characteristic respects got bigger improvement, be in so mechanical industry filling is sealed received more wide application, obtained good economic benefits.

The working mechanism with 1 sealed filling

In mechanical industry filling sealed and main use as move sealed. Often use as the runner shaft of centrifugal pump, compressor, vavuum pump, mixer is sealed, in filling sealed design chooses to go up, answer to be main consideration element with the working requirement of mechanical equipment, the choice of filling should consider to have following requirements:

(1) have certain plasticity, certain radial load can produce below thrust action and contact with close together axis.

(2) have enough chemical stability, do not pollute medium, filling is not bilged by medium bubble, the macerate agent in filling is not dissolved by medium, filling itself does not corrode sealing surface.

(3) filling is self-lubricating performance is good, wear-resisting, coefficient of friction is small.

(4) when the axis is put in a few deflection, the float with due and enough filling is stretch.

(5) make simple, prime go to the lavatory

For this, need often undertakes modulatory to the impaction degree of filling, the lubricant that makes filling medium is running period of time and somewhat after prediction of a person's luck in a given year, squeeze an a few lubricant again, the thrust that because bulk change place is caused,compensates filling at the same time is flabby. Often squash so of course filling, will make macerate agent dried up finally, change regularly so filling is necessary. In addition, to maintain lilquid film is mixed take away attrition heat, letting filling place have a few leak of purpose also is necessary.

Filling of 2 dishes of roots is used in water pump in the problem of existence

Oily dip asbestos is used like the axial front cover of water pump dish root or oily dip bombazine dish. Oily dip asbestine dish the root has hear resistance, plasticity good, intensity is advanced advantage, but it also has deadly drawback: The surface after knotting coarse, coefficient of friction is big, have leakage appearance, use additionally long the lubricant of immerge is easy prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Oiled bombazine dish the root immerses for a long time in water can become very hard, and because coefficient of expansion is big, attrition power is greater. In actual production, often appear such state: The equipment of new foster cordial relations between countries, the axis when beginning to move seals in order, but have more than is needed how long, leakage rate increases ceaselessly, adjust gland and change the job of filling also gradually frequent, movement is less than a cycle, axle sleeve already wore away vase shape, serious when return meeting occurrence axle sleeve to be ground, the Pan Genjun that and water is sealed does not change at the back of annulus is cankered already, cannot have sealed effect.
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