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Filling of balata accept rice uses research

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Summary: The application of filling of balata accept rice studies development is rapid. The filling of accept rice chemical industry that already considered to be used at balata basically has rice of accept rice clay, accept calcium carbonate of rice of 2 oxidation silicon, accept, carbon black filling of rice of accept of double photograph of one white carbon black, rice of alumina of rice of accept rice zinc oxide, accept, accept 4 oxidation 3 iron, canal of rice of accept of salt of metal of accept rice acrylic acid, carbon and fiber of accept rice class. Filling of balata accept rice basically uses Yu Bujiang and the mechanical performance that improve balata at present. But it also can bring a few new functions to composite material, if quicken polymer biology degradation. Increase the mechanical stability of hot reversible material, flame retardant, the consistence between promotional polymer and electric conduction, fight bacterium, radiation-proof etc. Keyword: Balata filling; Accept rice filling; Composite material uses accept rice accept rice technology can recombine corporeal composition on molecular level, make new material has more advantageous than traditional material function U] thereby. Through rice of accept of balata of preparation of filling of fill accept rice composite material (the dimension mind that has one safeguard at least dispersedly already became the new heat] that studies at present at 1 ~ 100 Nm) . The exterior effect such as effect of the small size effect that has as a result of accept rice particle, quanta effect, not saturated price and electronic channel effect, because this introduces accept rice filling to will make,the property of balata happens very about-face, acquire a few new property likely. The sort of filling of 1 accept rice 1. Material of clay of clay of 1 accept rice all has in countrywide each district distributing, and the price is low, early is used with respect to filling of balata be servinged as. The U such as Ao Ning Jian. . Use ultrasonic processing, the red clay that makes bead diameter is 10 ~ 150 Nm is dispersedly equably in balata, form good union with face of balata phase boundary, the mechanical performance that improved data and hot oxygen aging behavior. Pra—manik M use the organic clay that mixes a law to be bead diameter 2 ~ 4 Nm in all to join ethylene in copolymer of ester of one second acerbity ethylene, make the modular volume of copolymer rises 4. 7 times, tensile strength rises 1. 6 times, physical function is improved greatly. The U such as Li X C also had relevant research. The research that wait makes clear Zheng Hua as a result, pretreatment covers ground (with contain hydroxide the exterior activator of second radical is handled) composite material has the accept rice that joins EPDM to be made very good physics function and dynamic and mechanical function. Zhang Liqun " the research of J makes clear as a result, clay of the rice that use offer and NBR make gotten composite material, no matter be to extend stress, tensile strength surely, still pull percentage elongation to have rise substantially. Chang Yw embed EPDM balata element through mixing a law in all accept rice organic the composite material that in covering ground, makes has very good tensile strength, stiffness, hardness and higher vitrification temperature. Still a few consider to also make clear, be in dispersedly with accept rice level the layer shape clay in balata can be balata to offer very effective fill to be brought by force, can replace carbon black partly even. 1. 2 accept rice Zhang Qian of 2 oxidation silicon”Studied accept rice polyethylene of chloridize of modified of 2 oxidation silicon (the function of CPE) , the result makes clear, as accept rice the accretion of dosage of 2 oxidation silicon, the hardness of modified CPE, 300 extend surely stress and pull percentage elongation present to add a sequel, after tensile strength rises first gently drop, pull permanent be out of shape increase. The research that wait makes clear Liu Donghui, 2 oxidation silicon can improve accept rice effectively the hot outspread property of small epispastic and natural latex. Accept rice 2 oxidation silicon whether have corresponding effect, the key depends on whether break its soft reunite condition, those who make it is dispersedly equably with size of accept rice class in material matrix. With sol the accept rice of preparation of one gel technology modified rubber has 2 oxidation silicon to very high tensile strength and tear strength, exceedingly good sluggish have a youthful look is heated up and move / static state to reduce performance. 1. Calcium carbonate of calcium carbonate of 3 accept rice regards increment as filler (increase volume, reduce cost) wide application is mixed at balata plastic in. As the rapid development of accept rice technology, the bead diameter of calcium carbonate already can smash be less than 40 Nm. The research of 0 makes clear Zou Derong, the cross-linking density that accept rice calcium carbonate can increase balata of room temperature vulcanization silicon improves its physics performance. The research that wait makes clear Zhang Zhengxi, the affiliation of accept rice calcium carbonate has effect of apparent surprise appearance nucleate to polypropylene, make decrescent of polypropylene ball brilliant, improve the tenacity of composite material. Zhang Anping in reactor former a dispersive copolymerization is medium join preparation of nucleate agent and accept rice calcium carbonate increase model polypropylene copolymer. Increase model the impact strength of copolymer, curve stress and heat to be out of shape temperature rises substantially, tensile strength also increases somewhat, temperature of its crystallization peak is remarkable and elevatory at the same time, half crystallization time shortens apparently. 1. Carbon black of 4 accept rice and carbon black of white carbon black filling of rice of accept of double photograph of one white carbon black (CSDPF) is to develop a kind of new-style balata to fill in recent years strong data. There is the effect that cannot replace in putting products of special type rubber to produce. Gu Gongbing put forward carbon black of / of accept rice white carbon black to be used fill strong model, think carbon black and carbon black use Namibai but promotional fill strong result, when Namibai carbon black of carbon black / is used than be 6 / 24 when, the drawing function of SBR vulcanization glue, fatigue function and wearability are optimal. Duan Yongxin. consider to make clear, CSDPF processability can be apparent excel tradition filling, treatment specific power consumption is small, filling one polymer active force is large, filling one filling active force is small, form filling network structure not easily, payne effect is little, heat build-up is low, lag loss is small, scroll resistance is low. In addition, alumina of rice of titanium dioxide, accept uses carbon black of / of accept rice white carbon black and accept rice to also have fill very well strong result. 1. Zinc oxide of 5 accept rice, alumina and 4 oxidation zinc oxide of rice of 3 iron accept and common zinc oxide are compared, because of its bead diameter small, bigger than expressing an area, adsorptive active is tall, have exterior effect and tall active so. The research that wait makes clear Wei Ailong, accept rice zinc oxide can realize the union on molecular level with balata element, namely the graft action of accept rice filling and balata element, achieve the goal that improves sizing material performance thereby, especially the wearability drawing force of sizing material and tear off function to rise significantly, finished product function also has corresponding improvement. The research such as bright red victory thinks, zinc oxide of use accept rice can improve the treatment security of sizing material, aging behavior of the mechanical performance that improves vulcanization glue, hot air reachs the agglutinate function with framework material, can reduce cost apparently. The vulcanization glue of alumina of fill accept rice has admirable wearability and fatigue resistance can, but the meeting when be being used alone affects certain other performance, and use with carbon black and white carbon black can make up for this one inadequacy, it is better to obtain fill strong result. Chen Shouming imprint to accept rice 4 oxidation 3 iron had preliminary research as balata filling. 1. Salt of metal of acrylic acid of salt of metal of acrylic acid of 6 accept rice and balata have certain consistence, can produce the effect that add model, and its are initiative bead diameter is micron class, the processability of composite material can be consequently better. Zhao Yang studied salt of metal of acrylic acid of rice of 4 kinds of accept fills the physical function of strong NBR, the result shows, their integrated and mechanical function all prep above fills with carbon black N220 strong balata, have higher tensile strength, 100 extend stress and tear strength surely. As a result of polarity and cross-linking density rise, the balata of fill of salt of metal of accept rice acrylic acid has more exceedingly good oil resistant sex and hear resistance. In domain of products of special type rubber, its are integrated carbon black and white carbon black can not compare the dominant position. 1. Rice of accept of carbon of filling of rice of 7 other accept is in charge of (CNTs) is usable also do balata filling. Jia ZJ use former a complex law preparation get together methylic acrylic acid armour ester (composite material of PMMA) / CNTs. Consider to make clear, the CNTs in reaction can be caused and open 7c key, form very powerful alternate with active force with PMMA main body next, make the macroscopical property of composite material produces a change. In addition, the fiber of class of rice of a few accept, like carbon fiber, fibre glass and concave and convex club the material such as earth also can pass all sorts of methods to introduce in balata, make special type material or functional material. The filling of rice of new function accept of filling of rice of 2 balata accept besides can use do balata to fill outside strong dose, still can gift accept rice a few new functions mix composite material property. 2. The 1 application in biology degradation material as consciousness of masses environmental protection rise, biology degradation polymer not only wide application is packed at food, health nurses reach agriculture among production, and be released in artificial transplanting, medicaments and wide application also receives in group weaver Cheng. The device of labour transplanting medical treatment that to rare 1 000 at present 10 thousand American are using biology degradation material to make. But structure and function stabilize the material of biology degradation high polymer that makes have to receive wider application hard not quite. Dan—ie1 S those who be based on material of rice of offer of state of different and inorganic layer is synthesize to get together in newest research left lactic acid coming back (PLA) . The working temperature of this material gets very big patulous, while physical sex can be improved greatly, biology degradation rate rose 6 ~ 10 times, and degradation process is controllable. This one gain will be very sharp be applied at afore-mentioned utility. 2. The 2 application in hot reversible material heat up reversible material to be able to be used make artificial muscle, medicaments release system and special gearing. Between temperature of on any account, the volume of this kind of material can produce very big reversible change. Be based on get together one different of N propyl acyl amine (the material of NIPAM) is among them delegate, temperature lifts only from room temperature a few degrees, the bulk of this material can increase 100 times, and drop when temperature when room temperature, its bulk can narrow again. But, the blemish of this kind of material is mechanical function is stabilized not quite, and filling general can make up for the accept rice that updates ceaselessly this one inadequacy, make can throw use mouth as soon as possible. 2. 3 flame retardant the effect is in in the past a lot of in year, already a lot of material are regarded as fire retardant to be added in high polymer, in flame retardant while also cause a few negative effects to the other function of material. Newest research makes clear as a result, add quality mark merely for 0. 02 ~ 0. The clay of silicate accept rice of 06, can make the radiative volume of material drops 6O of 4O ~ , and won't produce overmuch carbon monoxide and cigarette ash mouth. In addition, what differ with traditional fire retardant is, the introduce and does not have pair of high polymer physics of accept rice filling and chemical function produce apparent effect. 2. Effect of 4 looks look is current, the polymer that the requirement in polymer application can differ a variety of property mixes in order to achieve optimal result, but inferior mixture entropy makes between the diversity of polymer property and polymer this kind mixes is impossible almost. The application of accept rice filling can change this. The research of Voulgaris D and Petridis D makes clear, the filling of accept rice clay of organic modified can be in polymer compound process the effect that has emulsifying agent. 2. 5 other use accept rice filling, OK still mouth of material of screen of the balata of preparation electric conduction, balata that fight bacterium, radiate. And pressure passes a lot of functional sex balata such as feeling material face accept rice composite material. The ceaseless emerge in large numbers of filling of rice of 3 epilogue accept provided much new material for balata modified, abounded balata to fill the research train of thought of powerful technology and domain of functional balata material. The application of accept rice filling not only can improve balata performance greatly, and may gift balata a lot of new property, treatment measure can simplify in the meantime, reduce cost, the sexual price that raises balata product greatly is compared. Because dosage of accept rice material is small, the function is strong, accord with the development direction of safe, green, environmental protection, because this has huge,expand latent capacity. But still have the following problems at present urgently thrash out. ·The action mechanism of accept rice particle and balata matrix. ·The token of composite material mixes accept rice detect method. ·Accept rice the preparation technology of composite material. As the research of progressively to accept rice technology development, accept rice filling is sure to make rubber industry enter a brand-new development phase.
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