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Chinese the sources of energy state and policy

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The sources of energy is the important matter base that human society Lai Yisheng is put and expands. Review the history that human society develops, significant progress is accompanying the every time of human civilization of the sources of energy improve and replace. The development of the sources of energy uses the development that drove world economy and human society greatly.

In the past 100 old in, the developed country finished industrialization early or late, used up the many rich on the earth, especially energy natural resources. Current, a few developing countries are entering industrialized phase, energy consumption increases is economic society progress is objective and inevitable.

China is the biggest developing country on current world, expand economy, cast off poverty, it is Chinese government and Chinese people be in quite a paragraph long the main task inside period. 20 centuries since 70 time end, china regards the development on the world as the fastest developing country, economic society progress gained the brilliant success that attract worldwide attention, successfully open up road of Chinese characteristic socialism, the development that is the world and prosperity made significant contribution.

China is country of production of source of the 2nd potential energy and consumptive country. The sources of energy is supplied grow continuously, it is important to was offerred for economic society progress prop up. The rapid growth that the sources of energy consumes, created capacious development vacuum for market of world energy resources. China has made the main component with indispensable market of world energy resources, safe to safeguarding global the sources of energy, producing mainer and mainer positive effect.

Chinese government is guidance with scientific progress view, accelerate development to show acting energy industry, hold to resource conservation and the basic national policy that protect an environment, construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model the prominent place that the society puts in industrialized, modernization to develop the strategy, increase hard can expand capacity continuously, construction achieves new-style nation, continue to make larger contribution to world economy grows and flourish.

One, the sources of energy develops the current situation

Energy natural resources is the base that the sources of energy expands. Since new China holds water, increase strength of perambulate of energy natural resources ceaselessly, the organization began resource evaluation for many times. Chinese energy natural resources has the following characteristic:

Gross of — energy natural resources is richer. China has resource of relatively rich fossil the sources of energy. Among them, coal takes dominant place. 2006, coal retains resource measures one thousand and thirty-four billion five hundred million tons, 13% what odd ascertain recoverable reserves takes the world about, row world the 3rd. Already reserves of resource of the oil of ascertain, natural gas is relatively insufficient, the potential of reserves of energy of special rule fossil such as gas of oil shale, coal-bed is greater. China is had relatively rich but natural resources of second birth energy. Amount to of reserves of hydrodlectric resources theory year electricenergy production is 6.19 trillion kilowatt hour, economy can develop year of electricenergy production to restrict 1.76 trillion kilowatt hour, 12% what be equivalent to quantity of world hydrodlectric resources, arrange world first place.
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