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Chemical industry of chemical whole world ranks 19 in

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Group of Chinese chemical industry company of chemical industry of row whole world ranks the 19th. According to the sales revenue 2007, petro-chemical price evaluates international of ICIS(of business of service of news of famous chemical industry and market news service organizes the whole world) , made a rank to company of global chemical industry a few days ago, company of group of Chinese chemical industry row whole world ranks the 19th. This list that ICIS offers shows, in a list of names posted up of rank of company of global chemical industry, row of the 1st is company of German Ba Sifu, sales revenue eighty-five billion three hundred and fifty-three million dollar; The sales revenue of chemistry of American contented family name that ranks the 2nd is fifty-three billion five hundred and thirteen million dollar; The 3rd is American dust gram Sen Meifu sales revenue is fifty-three billion four hundred and seventeen million dollar. And sales revenue was company of group of Chinese chemical industry 2007 17.4 billion dollar.

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