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International of Beijing of the 3rd 2008 China is built exhibit

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Conference address: China International exhibits a center
Conference time: 2008-10-28 arrives 2008-10-31
Sponsor an unit: National housing materials exhibits trade center
Connect a telephone call: 010-88083849
Contact a fax: 010-88082034
Contact an address: Beijing Haidian area road of 3 lis of rivers
Contact a postcode: 100037
Contact mailbox:
Contact: Miao Lijuan
Assist run an unit:
Conference content: Building of the 3rd 2008 China International is exhibited
And build material of energy-saving environmental protection and exhibition of green building materials
Miao Lijuan: 010-88083849 13681132421
Theme: Innovation drives development material to abound a design
Time: October 2008 28 ~ 31 days
Place: Beijing China International exhibits a center
Origanization construction
Approval: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Support: Asian architect association
Federation of Chinese housing materials
Sponsor: China builds a society
National housing materials exhibits trade center
Assist do: Chinese concrete and cement products association
China builds block society
Fibre glass of Joint Industry Conference of Chinese housing materials enhances cement branch
Chinese building learns relevant and professional branch
China of base oneself upon relies on an Asia to face the world
In recent years, reach what the city changes a course to accelerate as high speed of our country economy, steady growth, the market also is maintaining high speed growth all the time related our country bldg. and building, china already became current world to have one of construction markets of vigor most, brought unprecedented good luck and challenge for bldg. of China and foreign countries.
The development of bldg. cannot leave design and material, in building a design be apt to uses data, the innovation that adopts a concept realizes building function better, becoming contemporary architectural to develop direction and the necessary method that build innovation increasingly. Since building of “ China International exhibits ” to establish oneself, hold to “ to build innovation and building materials innovation the concept of perfect union ” , base oneself upon is exhibited at the bitter fleabane break out of Chinese bldg. , the service is designed at the building with building construction, hold two successfully already, ginseng of company of construction of the orgnaization of more than 600 building design that drew nearly 30 countries and district in all, housing materials, building is exhibited, and more than 50 thousand domestic and international professional personage looks around. “ is dozenth a ” of Asian architect congress, the peak meets “ Asia architect and building materials entrepreneur ” , “ Asia building designs work of bear the palm to exhibit ” , selection ” of large award of innovation of application of building of China of ” of forum of height of design of innovation of architect of youth of “ whole nation, “ exhibit activity of meeting the corresponding period to be become not only exhibit the window of the meeting, it is to become contemporary China to build the vane of design development and building product application and promotion more. Exhibit can build engineering company to build a superexcellent interactive communication platform to build design, housing materials to reach, effectively drove fluctuation to swim the joint development of industrial catenary.

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