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Medicine of the 61st China International acridine / intermediate body / pack / e

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Medicine of China International acridine, intermediate body, pack, equipment Fair (API China&INTERPHEX China) it is Chinese home
The history the brand of the acridine medicine with the biggest, the most complete product and relevant domain extends the longest, scope meeting. API China
Hold two every year, all previous classics tens of year develop, high reputation is enjoyed in industry of our country medicine, reach an agency by relevant industry
The attention of meeting all circles and self-identity, the acridine drug industry that API China is China in different historical period even
The development of whole medicine industry made not replaceable contribution.
Medicine of acridine of the 61st China International / intermediate body / pack / equipment autumn Fair
Time: On November 5, 2008 - 7 days
Place: Suzhou international reads extensively center
Address: Area of Suzhou industry garden is contemporary the highway reads extensively square

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