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Chemical Analysis on the reasons for price increases

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Recently, chemical products, prices are rising. For example, nitric acid, soda ash, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, methanol, propylene oxide, polyether soft foam, melamine, sulfur and other chemical products, there are obvious rise. Investment Advisor in the chemical industry researcher Yi-Chi Chang believes that prices of chemical products this year, mainly driven by market demand and supply to reduce the impact of chemical products domestic prices have reached a phase On a reasonable high. Recent prices of chemical products, mainly due to the uplink macro-surface changes in the global economy and domestic support oil price increases. Is expected to post rise in domestic prices of chemical products will continue for some trend will Time, but the rate of increase will not be much. Yi-Chi Chang pointed out that with the gradual global economic recovery began to pick up the demand for chemical products, chemical products and domestic production of energy saving as the emergence of a reduction, which makes chemical products market in China Tension between supply and demand, leading to a sharp rise in prices of chemical products. For example, in September, soda ash, urea, ammonia, PVC and other chemical products is a high energy yield up the chain are down there. According to the Investment Adviser's "low-carbon economy in China 2010-2015 Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that since the second half of this year, China's provinces in order to complete the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" goals, increase Energy saving and emission reduction efforts. Number of backward production capacity not only to be eliminated, has also taken other measures to limit power to limit production levels of the enterprise to control energy consumption. The high-energy chemical companies more serious, some chemical companies in the Health Production has been very limited, resulting in a limited supply of some chemical products. Yi-Chi Chang also pointed out that prices of chemical products in addition to the impact of the tension by supply and demand, the macro-surface changes will also affect the price of chemical products. For example, recently, the Fed in order to promote national economic recovery Sue also announced a new round of monetary policy stimulus, which makes oil prices rose, thereby promoting the overall price of chemical products rose. In addition, the upgrading of domestic refined oil prices will increase the hygiene of chemical products Production costs, will support a certain extent, prices of chemical products.
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